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Able G/B respectable family Maharagama. Our daughter is a qualified Engineer working to Oil Gas Company in Australia. 1984 Nov. born 5’1” fair, pretty, young looking, talented girl. Reply with H.C, Telephone No. & family details. 0112-848624 [email protected]

Able G/B respectable parents Maharagama seek NS/TT academically and professionally qualified suitable partner for our young looking pretty, fair daughter 38-5’5” professionally qualified and holding managerial position in Melbourne. willing to settle in Sri Lanka or Australia. Rahu 7 Pl reply with HC, contact no. and family details. [email protected] Phone- 0112-848624

About our daughter (B/​G) 1980 born,​height 5’4”,​slim,​very pretty,​very young looking (looks like in late 20s). Holds a postgraduate degree and a bachelor’s degree. She is a Canadian citizen and works for a professional organization in Canada. Divorced after previous husband’s misbehavior. Has (one) encumbrance from previous marriage. Parents are retired. One younger sister already married. We are looking for an understanding,​handsome and intelligent partner for our daughter. Divorcees also considered. Please do not reply if you are over 43 years of age. Reply with a picture and family details by e-mail: l​u​c​k​y​.​a​1​7​2​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

About 42 pleasant 5’2” professionally qualified BSC Science well employed PR in Australia. Well established never married and caring, seek professional partner doctors, engineers preferred +61444581386 [email protected]

Above 35,​academic Doctor professional is sought by B/​K educated parents for their daughter PhD Lecturer University in New Zealand. She is 35,​5’3” very fair slim & young looking & pretty,​up to bachelors studied in Sri Lanka. Send family details & horoscope. j​a​y​a​s​u​d​g​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified employed well mannered caring son is sought by retired G/​B parents from Colombo suburbs for their pretty well accomplished only daughter. She is well employed with postgraduate qualification from UK University. Also a qualified UK Solicitor. Born in May ‘86. Height 5’8”. Kuja in 7th House but favourable. Prefer a son who can converse fluently in English and has a good personality. Please reply with horoscope to p​a​r​t​n​e​r​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified handsome partner below 42 is sought by S/​B/​K 1980 born,​absolutely pretty fair slim lady,​height 5’4”. Holds a degree in Business Management. Employed in a reputed Company in SL. Please reply with horoscope. Email: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​2​0​1​7​m​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified preferably an Engineer or Accountant below 30 years with sober habits partner is sought by Sinhala G/​B parents from Colombo suburbs for their 1992 March born,​5’3” pretty & fair daughter working in a reputed PLC Company in Colombo as an Accountant. She is a Chartered Accountant (CA) & holds a Management Degree (1st class) in Accountancy and reading for MBA. She inherits valuable assets. Please reply with family details and horoscope. k​i​t​h​s​i​r​i​j​p​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified son is sought by B/​G Buddhist parents from Colombo for their kind hearted fair qualified daughter,​brought up with Buddhist Sinhala family values,​25 yrs,​5’5”,​graduated as a Mechatronics Engineer just finished Masters in professional engineering,​temporary residence in Australia. Kindly reply with horoscope,​family details,​willing to migrate. d​c​o​l​o​m​b​a​a​r​a​c​h​c​h​i​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​TP. 0112836864.

Academically and professionally qualified son (teetotaller /​non-smoker) from a respectable family is sought by a respectable Sinhala family (Bodu /​Govi),​Matara,​for their younger daughter,​born in January 1989,​5’5”,​pretty,​slim and fair,​brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values,​holding BBA and MBA Degrees. Reply with family details,​horoscope and contact information. (w​m​a​l​i​t​h​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​)

Academically and professionally qualified well-employed NS/​TT son is sought by B/​K educated parents for their elder daughter MBBS doctor (foreign) 34,​5’5”,​employed in a government hospital. Doctors,​engineers preferred. Kuja Budha,​Sikuru 7th house. Reply with family details with horoscope. g​a​m​i​n​i​1​0​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified well-mannered caring son is sought by Buddhist Sinhalese parents New Zealand citizens for their only daughter born in 1994 April. Height 5’4’’ fair,​pretty,​slim. She was graduated from a leading University in Auckland and permanently employed as a professionally qualified Accountant. Australia/​New Zealand residents preferred. Please reply with family details. E-mail: p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​n​z​1​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically and professionally qualified well-mannered partner is sought by Bodu/​Govi parents for their pretty daughter 5’6’’ born 1986. She studied in a leading school Colombo and currently completing her PhD in Melbourne,​Australia. Shani in 7th house. Reply with family details and horoscope. k​s​a​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Academically professionally qualified partner with sober habits is sought by G/​B parents currently living in Wattala for their 27 years old 5’3” in height fair daughter Graduate from a local University and currently following LLB program. Please reply with family details,​horoscope. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​t​w​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically professionally qualified,​well established,​loving,​caring partner preferably from UK is sought by Bodu /​Govi parents living in America for their 34 years,​5’3”,​well mannered,​accomplished daughter,​qualified with B.Sc (USA),​M.Sc-Bio Chemistry (UK),​well employed in UK. Dual citizen in UK and USA. Reply with full family details and horoscope. m​a​t​a​l​e​l​a​d​i​e​s​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

Academically qualified partner around 50 years sought for daughter Catholic Karawa B.Sc. Engineer drawing a six figure salary. Pretty,​slim,​fair,​5’4” tall 50 years of age but looks much younger. divorced from a very brief marriage. Innocent party. No children. Owns a newly built luxury house. s​h​e​r​m​a​_​l​k​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Academically /​Professionally qualified well-mannered loving son from a respectable family is sought by B/​G professional,​wealthy parents for their daughter - UK qualified Doctor,​MBBS & MRCP working in England. She is fair,​very pretty,​slim,​31 years,​5’9” with an excellent character. She studied in a leading international school in Colombo. She has substantial assets in UK and Sri Lanka. Please reply with family details and horoscope. E-mail: v​e​n​2​7​@​l​i​v​e​.​c​o​m

Academically & professionally qualified son is sought by Colombo suburb living G/​B parents for their 33 yrs Tan,​slim,​4’11” tall fun loving youngest daughter currently employed as an qualified Interior Designer in a leading architectural company. She will inherit assets. Willing to settle down and work abroad. Malefic horoscope. Ravi Budha,​Kuja 1st House. Reply with family details & horoscope. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​8​5​8​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Academically /​professionally qualified son with sober habits and willing to settle down in Canada is sought by Canadian Sri Lankan parents for their academically /​professionally qualified pretty,​slim,​daughter,​5’1’’,​28 brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. We visit Sri Lanka in March. Reply with family details,​and horoscope. t​d​o​t​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Affluent B/​G respectable professional parents,​seek a well-mannered,​professionally qualified or established businessman son from a respectable family for their 32 years,​5’8”,​pretty,​slim,​well-accomplished and cultured daughter who possesses LLB (UK) and other professional qualifications. She is a Legal Officer of family owned well-established company with a good income. She is legally separated from a brief,​unsuccessful arranged marriage as innocent party. No encumbrances. She owns substantial assets including a house in Colombo. Please respond with family details,​horoscope and contact number. Email: p​r​o​p​2​0​2​0​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Affluent respectable B/V parents from Kandy. Father doctor (Specialist) seeks suitable partner for daughter born in 1993, height 5’3” fair and pleasant. Studied in leading school in Kandy. She holds UK BA(hons) degree. Currently working in a high reputed company as a interior designer in Colombo. She has multi million worth assets and dowry. Please reply with family details and horoscope. E:mail [email protected]

Australian long-term resident professional SGB parents seek compatible partner for overseas born and raised tertiary educated professionally qualified daughter,​slim,​attractive,​34 yrs.,​5’1’’,​caste differences immaterial,​but must share similar upbringing. E-mail: w​j​a​y​a​@​b​i​g​p​o​n​d​.​n​e​t​.​a​u

A respectable,​academically and professionally qualified well mannered NS/​TT son between 27-31 years is sought by B/​G parents from Australia for their Australian born slim,​pretty,​fair,​kind and well mannered daughter (1991) brought up with Sinhala Buddhist values. She is employed as a school teacher (Bachelor of Education). Australian residents preferred. Please reply with family details to; m​p​a​u​s​2​0​1​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

A Sinhala Bodu/​Govi respectable family in Canada is seeking an educated partner for their educated and well-employed,​attractive daughter who just turned 29 yrs. Reply with horoscope and family details to; m​a​p​l​e​s​k​y​9​3​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​or m​a​r​k​a​n​d​y​2​0​0​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

A suitable partner is sought by R/​C Sinhala parents in Australia for their only child Medical Doctor,​working in Australia. She is 29 yrs.,​height 5’,​pleasant. Contact with family details. Email : m​b​c​s​2​0​1​8​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Bodu Durawa parents seek a suitable partner for their only daughter who is a graduate,​31 yrs. old,​4’11’’ height,​dowry available. Kuja 1,​Shani 7,​Vrushaba Lagna. m​y​a​m​m​a​6​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​041-2229686 (9 - 930 p.m.).

Buddhist Govi retired parents seek professionally well employed partner for 43,​5’ daughter having 2 million cash and 6 perches land in Nugegoda. Reply with horoscope.

Buddhist G/​K parents residing close to Colombo seek an academically and professionally qualified well mannered below 32 years son for our daughter 26+ and 5’3” studied at leading schools in Colombo. She has graduate with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from leading universities Australia. She holds dual citizenship and currently living in Sri Lanka. Father is MD of a company in Colombo. Mother is a house wife. Please reply details of family and horoscope. Email: j​i​n​a​d​a​s​a​5​7​1​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G Colombo suburbs parents looking for an educated professional son,​for their daughter 31 yrs,​5ft,​dual citizen,​gradated,​permanently working in Melbourne. Engaged & legally Seperated due to unavailable Circumstances. Preferred those studied and working abroad. Send family details and a copy of horoscope. E-mail: s​l​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​2​3​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G Colombo suburbs respectable family parents seek academically professionally qualified kind-hearted smart partner for their pretty slim well-mannered daughter born 1991 Dec,​5’4” studied at a leading Colombo school BSc (Hons) UK Business Management 1st Class,​reading for CIMA Finals working for a private bank head-office as an Analyst. Father businessman,​brother Software Engineer. Daughter inherits two-storied house. Willing to migrate. Reply with FB name horoscope to Match Kataka Lagnaya,​Shani 7 Siyawasa Neketha. s​d​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​1​9​9​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G mother seeks partner for 50+ B.Sc M.Sc teacher,​fluent English healthy young looking prefer migrate. k​u​m​a​w​a​s​a​a​l​y​a​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

B/​G parents Colombo suburbs seek an academically professionally qualified kind understanding son height above 5’6’’ for their pretty only daughter born in 1983,​5’4’’,​IT consultant employed in a bank (MBA qualified) brought-up with Buddhist values. Reply with non-malefic horoscope & family details (age between 36-39 yrs.) Email: m​a​n​g​a​l​a​s​e​e​n​u​2​0​1​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G parents in Australia seek professionally qualified son for younger daughter. She is 32 yrs,​5’5’’,​pretty,​fair medical Doctor MBBS qualified,​specialised and working in Australia. Reply with details and horoscope. E-mail: p​a​d​m​e​1​9​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

B/​G retired parents seek well employed suitable partner for their 1984 born,​pretty,​slim,​5’4’’,​kind hearted daughter. Reading for MBA,​working as HR Manager,​legally separated,​no children,​inherits assets,​owns car. Reply with horoscope and family details. s​e​n​e​v​i​.​u​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​G,​mother seeks academically and professionally qualified,​NS/​TT son below 36 years living in Australia for her pretty well accomplished PR holder,​daughter born in April 1989,​brought up with Sri Lankan values and currently working as a registered nurse in Melbourne. Please respond with horoscope and family details. p​m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​3​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​K parents from Colombo suburbs,​father Company Director seeks a suitable partner for daughter 28 years,​5’6” fair,​pleasant. She had her education in a leading Buddhist school in Colombo and after completing her education with Masters in a leading Australian University,​presently employed in Australian Government. Shall match Kuja 1,​2,​4,​7. Please reply with family details and horoscope. n​e​w​s​u​v​i​s​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/K parents in Kandy seek, an educated employed son for their 39+, 5’1”, mid fair, kind, primary teaching qualified daughter of good character. Considerable assets. Cast religion immaterial. Widowers considered. Email: [email protected]

B/​K parents seek academically qualified son from a respectable family for daughter born April 1987 slim pretty fair 5’4” graduate employed in private company drawing six figure salary own newly built house and other assets compatible to Kuja in 1,​2,​4,​7,​12 Houses. Reply with horoscope and family details. Email: a​k​h​f​d​o​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

B/​Viswa parents from Colombo suburbs seek professionally qualified,​kind hearted son with sober habits for their younger daughter 29 yrs,​5’3’’,​very fair,​pretty,​slim,​BBA (Finance Special),​CFA & CIMA Chartered holder,​Dip in Banking,​working in an international company as a Manager. She owns an apartment in Mount Lavinia. Differences immaterial. Reply to - 011-2736955. p​r​o​p​s​w​6​0​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Canadian citizen Teacher with postgraduate qualifications living in Toronto has her own house and car. Fair pretty age 36,​looks younger,​medium built seeking an educated groom living and working in Canada. Tamil Hindu Engineer father,​Sinhala Buddhist Graduate Teacher mother from Sri Lanka. Only brother professional well settled in Sri Lanka. Proposals invited for early marriage. Reply to: p​r​o​p​r​m​1​9​8​4​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Catholic Tamil parents seek a qualified partner for their professionally qualified daughter who is 32 years and residing in U.K. Prefer partner who is residing in U.K. Contact w​i​l​b​e​n​1​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Christian Wadduwa parents seek Christian partner for their school teacher daughter 32 years,​height 5’4’’. 038-2245546.

Colombo Bodu Govi parent seeks professionally qualified kind son for absolutely pretty fair and fluent in English only daughter born in 1983,​height 5’5” studied in USA and received her degree in International Business Studies from George Washington University. She is now working in a leading Accounting firm in USA. Reply with horoscope and family details. Differences immaterial. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​g​y​1​2​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Colombo B/​G pretty,​5’4’’,​37 yrs,​slim figured,​having younger look,​well employed daughter owns valuable properties from Nugegoda. Parents seek well employed partner. Inquire with horoscope. m​a​i​t​h​r​e​e​p​r​o​p​z​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Colombo decent family Sinhala Buddhist well qualified pretty 5’3’’,​caring employed graduate late forties searching family oriented financially stable qualified partner 46-50. Bride is extremely young looking settling overseas divorcees considered serious replies with family details. E-mail: l​u​l​u​d​3​3​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

Colombo Govi Buddhist doctor father seeks suitable son for his pretty elder daughter born 1995 height 5’3” final year medical student. Only sister also a medical student. She has dual citizenship in Sri Lanka and England. Owns property in both countries. Contact numbers,​horoscope and all details with the first letter please.

Colombo Govi Buddhist parents seek partner for 1991 born pretty,​well brought up daughter from a respectable family. She inherits our two storied house in a Colombo suburb and other substantial assets. Father is a Medical Consultant and her sister and husband are also Doctors. She currently holds a Degree in Marketing and Management. Please reply with family details and horoscope. Contact email: a​t​h​u​l​a​d​i​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Colombo Moor parents seek suitable partner for their pretty fair educated religious daughter 21 years,​height 5’7” followed Diploma in English,​bridal dressing course. Inherits house in Colombo,​jewellery. Only brother US citizen. 011-4583119.

Colombo resident Govi Buddhist brother seeks educated partner for his pretty sister,​44 years Manageress of State Bank,​Management Graduate,​owns modern two storey house. Horoscope required. 0112572547.

Colombo suburbs Catholic Govi respectable professional family retired parents seek educated and well mannered professionally qualified suitable partner for their very smart,​slim daughter,​5’1”,​born in 1983,​young looking,​graduated in Business Management and MBA in an U.K. affiliated University in Sri Lanka. She employed as a IT Consultant (SAP Consultant) in a reputed international company in Colombo. she inherits assets worth over fifty million. Email: 2​0​1​9​p​r​o​p​s​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Educated well-employed kind hearted son is sought by B/​G/​V retired parents living in Maharagama for their 36,​4’11” fair daughter working as an Accountant in Australia (PR holder) who is divorced after a short marriage with no encumbrances. Reply with family details contact No. and copy of horoscope. Preferably compatible with Thula Lagna,​Ma Nekatha,​Kuja Ravi Buda in 7th House and Shani in 1st House. Email: w​e​e​r​a​s​e​n​e​5​5​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

GB parents looking for a suitable educated partner below 43 yrs for 37 yrs 5’1” Doctor daughter,​legally separated after a brief registration only. fair slim pretty girl. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​5​2​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Govi Buddhist professional parents living in Colombo seek a suitable professional partner for their daughter working in UK as a Doctor,​pretty fair,​36 years old and 5’6” in height. She owns properties in Colombo and other assets. Please reply with family details,​copy of the horoscope and contact details to email: s​w​a​r​n​a​g​4​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B parents from Colombo seek academically,​professionally qualified partner with sober habits for their pretty 26 years old daughter who studied at prestigious international schools abroad and Colombo. LLB (UK),​now reading for LLM and Attorneys final. Works as a Legal Executive in a reputed company in Colombo. Please reply with horoscope and family details to: d​a​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B parents in UK seek professionally qualified son for fair,​pleasant Doctor daughter in specialty training in London,​5’2”,​born in December 1987,​similar profession and family in UK preferred. Please reply with family details,​emails only. l​a​k​m​i​n​i​.​w​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m​

G/​B professional parents living in Australia seek a professionally qualified,​well-mannered son,​living in Australia or willing to migrate to Australia. Our daughter is 31 years old,​looks much younger,​5’3” tall,​slim and fair. she is an MBBS/​FRACGP Doctor brought up with Sri Lankan /​Buddhist values and has an investment property in Australia. Please respond with family details and horoscope. Malefic horoscopes having Kuja Dohsha preferred. Email: p​r​o​p​4​h​e​r​@​h​o​t​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B professional parents living in Australia seek professionally qualified son residing in Australia for their youngest daughter. She is qualified with a Bachelor of Finance from Macquarie University in Sydney and Master of Nursing from University of Sydney. She is presently working in a public hospital in Sydney. She is 27 years,​pretty,​well mannered brought up with Sri Lankan values. She is a dual citizenship holder. Reply with horoscope and family details to: m​i​h​i​r​i​.​i​n​d​i​e​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

G/​B respectable parents father Accountant seek son for daughter 40 very young looking fair slim pretty 5’1” CIMA part-qualified only child inherits house Nugegoda. Reply with family details horoscope and contact number. E-mail: m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​2​0​2​0​1​8​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Kandyan Govi Buddhist parents living in USA seeking a professional or a student from Sri lanka or USA studying or working for their only daughter very beautiful,​well brought up girl 24 years old undergraduate student,​must be willing to migrate to USA. Please reply with family details and horoscope. email: u​s​a​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Kandyan Govi Buddhist parents seek an educated,​professionally qualified son from a decent family for their daughter 27 yrs.,​5’8’’ tall,​fair & pretty employed at a leading garment establishment as a Senior Marketing Executive. She inherits substantial assets including a house in Nugegoda and a new car. Her only brother is Software Engineer in USA. Please reply with family details. We can have horoscope once the matter pursue. 031-2234540.

Moor mother from Kandy District seeks religious partner for only daughter, divorced after short unsuccessful marriage. She is 33yrs medium complexion, slim and well educated and well versed in household matters. Please send details to [email protected] Divorcees too would be considered without encumbrances.

Moor professionally qualified parents living in Colombo seek a handsome,​caring well mannered and educated professional partner (Age 30-34 years 6 feet) living Overseas (Australia or New Zealand) for their,​kind and caring pretty daughter she is 26 years old,​5’8” tall,​attractive,​with an excellent character. She is graduated from a leading American University in Colombo after completing Bachelor of (Science in SL & NZ) Double Degree and currently works in an NGO overseas. Please send the CV to : r​a​m​i​_​h​a​l​l​a​l​d​e​e​n​@​y​a​h​o​o​.​c​o​m

Moratuwa Karawe Catholic,​born in September 1988,​fair and beautiful,​height 5’. She is hearing impaired but communicate with others wearing hearing aids and by lip reading. She can cook,​make cross stitch and handcraft,​visit websites and communicate with others thro Skype. Dowry available along with furniture and other utensils. Elder brother is married and living in a foreign country. Retired parents are seeking a faithful son who is below 40 with a steady income. Telephone 0112655279.

Mother seeks a professionally qualified partner preferably living in USA or willing to relocate for her pretty unmarried daughter age 45 years 5’3” working in USA (US citizen). Reply with full details in first letter. Email: n​i​m​a​l​a​3​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Mother seeks established son for slim pretty professional daughter 5’4” 1979 born. Assets coconut land,​house. Email: e​c​o​m​a​t​e​a​t​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Muslim mother seeks religious well-educated partner between 27-30 years for daughter age 27,​UK university graduate,​medium complexion and working. Prefer Doctors and IT professionals mostly. Email: p​r​o​p​0​6​7​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

My sister unmarried 49 years,​5’5” height,​fair and young looking wishes to have honest educated understanding life long partner and ready to settle in Sri Lanka or abroad. She wishes to spend a very lovely family life. Even a divorcee or widower and any religion is considered. Please send your full details: t​h​a​s​m​i​n​r​2​0​1​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Our daughter professionally qualified with Chartered and postgraduate in HRM,​having own recruitment business,​studied in a leading Colombo school,​31+,​5’3’’,​fair,​well accomplished,​inheriting a modern house in Kotte. Father Accountant,​Salagama,​Buddhist parents,​looking for a kind,​understanding educated son. Reply with family details and horoscope. k​a​r​u​v​n​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Parents seek an educated well employed partner for their daughter a manager in a leading pvt bank. She was born in 1984,​5’3’’ in height medium complexion. Beautiful and attractive. Catholic only. E-mail: c​h​r​y​s​j​a​y​a​w​a​r​d​e​n​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Parents seek for 46 year daughter, a teacher academically and professionally qualified in different vocations, a partner below 50 years of age who is a well educated well civilized professional, should be a non smoker. Please reply with family details and horoscope. email:[email protected]

Professionally qualified son is sought by G/B parents for June 1988 born 5’2” slim, fair, pretty, MBBS doctor daughter. Fully furnished large house, brandnew car, cash and other Valuables. Reply with horoscope. E-mail- [email protected]

Professionally qualified well mannered son is sought by Sri Lankan Buddhist parents living in Toronto Canada for their one and only daughter 30 yrs. old 5’3’’,​fair and pretty,​currently working as a Doctor (Resident Physician) in USA. USA/​Canada citizens or permanent residents are preferred. Caste immaterial. Reply with family details and horoscope,​contact Nos. E-mail: d​o​n​i​t​a​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Professional B/​G parents seek a professionally qualified partner above 34 for their only daughter Software Engineer (IT Degree),​aged 36 (born March 1982),​slim,​looks younger. Only son (elder) Accountant,​married and living in their own house. Dowry cash,​brand new car,​house in Colombo. Caste immaterial. Non-malefic horoscope. Reply with family details and horoscope. email: s​s​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​.​2​0​1​7​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Professional Kandyan Govigama Buddhist affluent parents seek suitable son for 27 yrs.,​very pretty,​5’6’’ tall,​slim,​fair,​caring Engineer daughter. Please respond with details to; q​u​a​l​i​t​y​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Respectable Buddhist retired parents from Colombo suburb seek well educated and professionally qualified son for their educated qualified and employed daughter 36 slim and pretty. Legally separated after arranged marriage no encumbrances. Inherits wealth,​malefic horoscope preferred. m​a​h​i​8​2​3​4​6​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Respectable G/​B parents seek a qualified partner for their daughter 33+,​5’1”,​fair,​pretty Jewellery Designer /​Gemmologist presently not employed with considerable assets. Reply with horoscope and family details. p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​s​6​8​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Respectable Sinhala Buddhist parents seek a suitable partner for their only beautiful child daughter aged 22 educated at a leading private school,​daughter has been brought up within a traditional background currently extending her higher tertiary academia in traditional - Ayurvedic Medicine and Advanced Physiotherapy with the intention of undertaking - The family practice completion as and only child. She will inherit multiple assets including but not limited to a house and land. Caste immaterial. Please respond with the horoscope. d​a​r​s​h​i​h​a​r​s​h​a​d​e​v​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Respectable Sinhalese Buddhist Govi business parents living in Colombo seeking s groom for their daughter born in October 1989. She is 5’4” slim, pleasant looking and has a pleasing personality, employed with a bachelor’s degree in United Arab Emirates. Only brother is reading for his bachelor’s in University of Sri Jayawardhanapura. Looking for a kind hearted, educated son with a good personality. Working in United Arab Emirates preferred for convenience. Please email us via [email protected] your family details along with a copy of your son’s horoscope. No divorcees please. Kuja 7

Retired or self-employed kind caring gentleman aged between 50-55,​living simple self employed,​turning 50,​divorcee with no encumbrances. s​a​m​a​r​a​s​i​n​g​h​e​.​g​a​y​a​n​i​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

Seek academically qualified, well-mannered partner for a G/B, Pretty, fair, 32 year old doctor. Inquire with horoscope and details.

Sinhala Buddhist parents are seeking a suitable groom for their only child. She is a BSc Electrical Engineer 28 years and 5’2”. Religion, cast immaterial. [email protected]

Sinhala Roman Catholic parents from Colombo suburbs seek a suitable partner for their daughter,​age 27 years,​height 5’3”,​slim,​fair,​kind-hearted. She studied in a convent. She has completed her MBBS degree in a government medical college and owns valuable assets. Email: m​a​r​r​i​a​g​e​p​r​p​s​l​1​1​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m​

Well established Buddhist family in UK,​father looking for a partner for their pretty,​smart elegant daughter 34,​5’5” British graduate well employed,​dual citizen. Will inherit substantial assets in UK and Sri Lanka. Religion,​caste immaterial. UK residents preferred. Would consider settling in Sri Lanka for the right partner. e-mail: g​m​p​r​o​p​o​s​a​l​1​9​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

We are Bodu /​Govi Kandyan parents living in UAE inviting for an academically /​professionally qualified kind hearted son with Sinhala Buddhist values for our daughter,​banking & Engineering fields are preferred. about our daughter,​She is the eldest of the family born,​studied and employed as a banking officer with a reputed international bank in UAE. She was born in March 1990,​5’2” height,​fair and beautiful. She is kind hearted,​brought up with Sinhala Buddhist background. If you are interested and wish to discuss further please send your son’s information to email p​r​o​p​2​0​1​9​w​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

We are B/​G parents,​US citizens for long time,​looking for a son,​who is intelligent and well educated,​close to our daughter’s age. She is beautiful,​only daughter,​well educated with a masters degree from a world reputed university. She is charming,​love to travel and likes photography. She is a professional working in a leading US company. If you are interested E-mail with aN attached horoscope and all information will be kept confidential. s​o​m​a​e​l​w​i​t​i​g​a​l​a​@​g​m​a​i​l​.​c​o​m

1992 August: Academically and professionally qualified son, preferably with foreign exposure and willing to move to Canada is sought by respectable Kandyan G/B parents for their slim, pretty, academically and professionally qualified dual citizen daughter; 5’4”. Father works internationally; parents live in both countries. Elder sister married and settled in Canada with her PhD qualified Lankan husband. Expect educated and respectable same cast. Please reply with family details and phone number to [email protected]