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Beautify yourself

Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne
Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne

February is a special month for all of us. It is the month to reflect on loving others, and also loving ourselves. According to Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne of Christell self love is one of the most important elements in life. Here’s her advice to young people to lead a healthy and beautiful lifestyle:

Having healthy lustrous hair adds a glowing look to anyone’s body – to give healthier life to your hair it’s advisable for you to do your own home care remedies or get a professional service to condition your hair.

Eliminate dandruff by consulting a physician and use medical products or get some anti dandruff treatments done. If you neglect, it may not only make you feel embarrassed in society but also dandruff will destroy the beauty of the skin of your shoulders, back and upper chest areas. With infected skin you will end up with acne or pimples on these areas. Having beautiful skin is wealth to a youth. If you have to get ready for your exams, manage your stress levels, if you are engaged with stressful office work, poor hygiene, continuing junk food and oily food or due to hormonal imbalances you will end up with acne. For some it will become a life threat. Immediately consult a doctor and get medical advice and treatment.

Do not use the some medication that your friend is using. May be your grade of acne is different to him or her.

You may be a sports person. As youth it is very important that you do sports. But remember you need to maintain your body hygiene well. At the some time provide your body with a healthy dietary plan. Once in a way get a De-tan treatment done to treat your sun burnt skin.

As a start up try to follow a disciplined cleansing, toning, moisturising, sun protecting regime. If you are confused about what products are best for your skin – get your skin and hair and analysed by a professional. In order to get skin that is smooth as silk, especially young girls – select a hair removal procedure of unwanted body hair is mandatory to boost your confidence, Laser hair removal treatment is extremely effective. Waxing is also a fairly good hair removal method.

Your nails are always on display. Spruced nails add an undeniable sensual accent to todays look. So give attention to your nails and hands. You can do your own manicure at least once in two weeks time.

Use a good scrub and exfoliate the dead skin of your hands. A good hand cream will always hydrate your hands giving them a healthier and softer look.

If you have any specific skin issues (Such as acne, rosacea, eczema or an allergy) you should consult a doctor and the treatments done. Do not postpone to attend to these kind of issues, otherwise you will be a life time sufferer. Under eye hollowness and darkness is another threat to your pleasant appearance. Continuously working in front of computers, watching movies until late at night, sleepless nights or late night work make extra stain to your eyes, making your eye area extremely weak.

If you do not take proper care of your eyes it will effect your personality and image. Use a good under eye cream daily or get an opinion from a physician.