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A destination for music lovers

Can you sing? Can you try to sing? Can you pretend to sing? Are you a music lover? If your answer is yes to all these questions then the Voice Lounge at Colombo 07 is the right place for you.

The place offers a diverse musical experience where clients can request songs from the 60s to the 80s, and recently released songs of any language, and then just get down to singing them to tune or blasting their vocal cords out. No judgments here.

This is because the Voice Lounge, launched recently provides music lovers an opportunity to spend quality time with friends and loved ones.

Then there are the KJs (karaoke jockeys) Alex and Dilan Jay who will keep you occupied for the rest of your stay there.

Ambiance inside the bar is unique and intimate. Each sofa or chair is placed in a way that a person seated will see one of the screens.

“We also offer beverages that are 50 per cent cheaper than any other place in Colombo,” said Managing Partner, Dilan Jay.

He said the venue is ideal for corporate people who want to have a gala time.

“The karaoke bar is located in the best zone. If you feel like grabbing a coffee, that’s right around the corner. Food to eat ? There are plenty of options,” he said.

One can even indulge in a true Sri Lankan style meal in the restaurant - Ayubowan - which occupies the space just below the bar. Voice Lounge is ideal place for your day out.