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Journey of a Master

World renowned Pakistani artist, also known for his humanitarian services for the less privileged in society, Jimmy Engineer and Mueen Saheed, a leading Sri Lankan artist celebrated internationally for his work, have joined hands to have an art exhibition at the Billari Art Gallery Colombo, on Friday, March 8.

Mueen, originally a jewellery designer, is an artist known for his abstract and contemporary artwork. Constantly globe-trotting related to his work, he would directly translate inner emotions into visual language. What he loves most is the interpretive quality that evokes different imagery into people. “Abstract art invites personal interpretations and is thus nuanced and therapeutic to look at. Once the painting is finished, the artist has very few claims on what its meaning should be,’’ he said.

Finding peace through art

An artist of the realist tradition, Jimmy Engineer covers many realms in his art. He has done landscapes, still lives, seascapes, miniatures, paintings of war and works on historical and philosophical themes. The art series done by him on the Pakistani struggle for Independence is unique. His architectural paintings are uniquely composed collations of traditional Pakistani buildings.

As regards the purpose and the vocation of art, both, Mueen Saheed and Jimmy Engineer stand on the same ground, that it should serve humanity.

While Mueen has been conducting many therapeutic art sessions, harnessing emotional healing through art, he believes, art can bring a lot of calmness to the mind and help create mindfulness and serenity. Jimmy believes, concern for the needy is an equally important part in the career of an artist. He says, art can bring people together surpassing every barrier which separate people from one another.

Mueen has extensively exhibited globally, including in Delhi, Oxford and Paris recently, and has gathered a lot of attention for his work. His paintings have been featured in many hotels, resorts and art collections across the country and abroad. He has collaborated with many leading artists in a short span of time and through his art voiced concern and awareness on many social issues.

Jimmy, a disciple of Sufi Bakrat Ali, is a philanthropist in his own right who would like to introduce himself as a social worker as well. He has a penchant for mentally or physically handicapped children in ‘Homes.’ When he visited Sri Lanka several years ago, he lavishly entertained more than 700 ‘special’ children with good food, sing-songs and games, taking them to several big hotels in Colombo and other locations in the country. Walking for various noble causes has been one of his favourite methods to bring awareness to people in his country.

Many of his paintings are in private collections in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Italy, London, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Russia, Holland, Spain, Germany, Dubai, Jordan, India, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Canada, USA, South Africa and Pakistan, in fact almost in every part of the world.

He has painted over 3,000 paintings and more than 1,000 calligraphies, over 1,500 drawings, besides the 700,000 prints in private collections in more than 60 countries. He has held more than 80 art exhibitions in Pakistan and abroad. He has led more than 100 walks for noble causes and arranged more than 140 awareness programs for handicapped and orphan children. Jimmy has received many awards and medals in his long illustrious Art and social work career.