Beloved Blessings to you… | Sunday Observer

Beloved Blessings to you…

My beloved angel for you I write
A Birthday wish of love infinite
Like star dust glistening on fairy’s wings
May your dreams be of wondrous magical things.
May you have the Courage to know yourself
To ‘shimmer and shine’ and reach for the sky
Faith to believe in; Wisdom to choose
And strength to persevere in all you aspire
A Birthday comes and goes so fast
Another year has already flown past
A year of joy; of wishes on stars
An amazing year of blessed miracles
Seven years of precious love
Seven years of blessings from above
Seven shades in the lucky rainbow
Seven million angels to follow you…
Listen dear daughter, a secret I will share
For you I pledged a sacred prayer
An eternal promise of love divine
Never to be broken, granted in a vow.
I promise, when you are weary; I’ll hold you up
Fight for you even when you give up
Wipe away your tears and take your hand
I’ll gift you my heart – you need not even ask.
My child, my life, my dreams for tomorrow
If you listen closely, you will hear the Angels whisper to you
“Nothing and nobody, no mortal form; is permitted to take
This part of my soul, away from my arms”.

- Ruth Kasturirathne