Health is wealth | Sunday Observer

Health is wealth

These are meaningful words uttered by the extreme wise
To be followed by the people equally wise
The most valuable advice for man’s survival
Without which there’ll be no marked human revival
In progressive countries as the essence
It is to the factor of health they give prominence
Material things lost in life can easily be found
But when lost there is one thing that can never be found

That is onetime precious health which is so sound
To keep system healthy should be aware of right action all round
Out of many things healthy diet comes first in the list
Followed by many others for a healthy test
Out of the long process food is only one aspect
Where humanity will not fail to respect
Do you know what it means to both young and old
This is mostly found in a good household

This is the most relevant to modern day living
Which upholds the dignity of human being
Nutritious food, exercise, habits and lifestyle
Promote human values to elevate their spiritual file
Prevention is better than cure is still another
Sacred saying for good health like no other
Taken together these offer heaps of healthy benefits
Keeping the doctor away while keeping you fit
This is not something to be thought in brief

If not you will continue to lament with biting grief
You’ll be sometimes prone to terrible disease
Which will never keep you for a moment at ease
Then the wealth in which you take so much pride
Will vanish in no time – all what you have put aside
Try to understand with wisdom this reality

Before it is too late to hinder your life of quality
If neglected, you will be unable to cope with this disaster
For one’s own safety action should be taken faster
You are bound to realise the value of life true
If not you are not only a burden to yourself but others too
These lead to expand your life span in totality
While reducing the most threatening mortality.

- Rupa Banduwardena.