Tributum | Sunday Observer


Jubilarian Messenger unfailing herald
Emissary that has carried the word of God
The teachings of the Holy Catholic Church
The social message of love and life
Far and wide
These seven score years and ten.
Newsman of the Catholic Church of our emerald isle
The driving force, the inspirational source
That has spurred the faithful to Theologian heights
And brought home to them the stark reality of the sojourn of life
The embodiment of Catholicism in its all-embracing diversity
Social, economic, religious, political, cultural views welcoming
A free forum supplying, a manifold role performing
fostering the apostolate of social communication
May the messenger grow from strength to strength
An influence on the future generations
As it has been on the past and present
Nurturing and sustaining, with food for thought and digestion
In weekly portions – a yeoman service rendered.
A prayerful thought for those who made it a possibility
And contributed towards its continuity. 

- Jeannette Cabraal