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The Fairies’ Shoemaker and other stories

The Fairies’ Shoemaker and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of fourteen short stories titled Pinkity's Pranks, The Careless Hedgehogs, The Three Naughty Gnomes, Sativus and the Pots of Gold, The Naughty Smoke Fairies, The Rose That Didn't Grow, A Basket of Surprises, Sally Dumble's Trick, Binkie's Adventures, Good Old Shelly-Back!, The Goblin and the Rocking Horse, Peppermints for Grandpa Pim, Belinda and the Bulbs and The Fairies’ Shoemaker.

The Fairies’ Shoemaker is about a little girl named Marjorie who is wheeling her doll Josephine’s pram. Josephine sits in her pram with a little sunshade protecting her from the harsh sun. As Marjorie is walking along the path, she feels something tiny hurt her foot and finds a nail sticking into her shoe. Marjorie is a mile away from home and she cannot walk back because of the nail in her shoe. Fortunately for Marjorie she meets a fairy shoe maker near his cobbler’s shop who repairs her shoe. Marjorie is grateful to the fairy shoemaker for his kindness and wants to do something for him in return. The fairy shoemaker likes Josephine’s little sun shade because it keeps the hot sun away and Marjorie happily gives it to him.

Binkie’s Adventures is about a puppy called Binkie who lives in a nice big kennel with his family. They have a kind owner who gives them good meals every day, fresh water and warm straw for the kennel. It was a very happy home for the puppies and Binkie’s brother Spot and his sister Tiny are very content with their life.

But Binkie finds this life very dull and longs for adventure and wants to go out into the world and do something exciting. One day Binkie sees a hole in the wire fence which encloses their yard and manages to squeeze out of it, and has the adventures he yearns for.

Reviewed by Hannah William