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The Hooded Man

First Prize

The latest book I read is The Hooded Man. It is the third book in the series Robin of Sherwood which is written by Richard Carpenter. I read its Sinhala translation by Senarathne Weerasinghe.

The story begins after Robin Hood is killed by the Nottingham Sheriff and his soldiers. After the death of Robin Hood, his group members are arrested by the Sheriff and put in prison. But after a few days, Robin Hood’s group members are rescued by a hooded man who is the younger son of Herne, the Hunter and Lord of the trees.

After the party at Huntington’s palace, Marian is kidnapped by Owen de Clun. Robert Huntington, the son of the Earl meets Herne and goes in search of the members of Robin Hood’s group and finds Tuck, Little John, Will Scarlet and the others. He leads them to Owen’s castle where Robert and Robin Hood’s group rescue Marian.

Pasindu Anjana Weerakkody,
Grade 9,
Royal International School,