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BANGUN calls for Malay representation in Parliament

BANGUN representatives at a press conference
BANGUN representatives at a press conference

Parliamentary representation has eluded Sri Lanka’s Malay community for the past 26 years, claims BANGUN, an initiative to organise and mobilise resources to work for the betterment of the Malay Community.

BANGUN said in a statement that the Malay community has been part of the country for over 300 years. Prominent Malays, such as Dr. T.B. Jayah had rendered a yeomen service to the country in its struggle for independence and later as a member of the legislature. M. K. Saldin, Dr. M. P. Drahaman, B. Zahiere Lye, Al Haj M. D. Kitchilan and M. H. Amit are among the others who represented the community in Parliament from 1924 to 1994.

“Within the past few decades, we have faced obstacles which we believe is because our concerns are not being articulated at a proper fora,” BANGUN representatives said.

They said that having no representation in Parliament is a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of the fundamental rights in the Constitution.

They seek the restoration of lost rights and privileges, such as having a Malay language paper at the GCE O/L and appointing a Malay Muslim Registrar with All-Island jurisdiction and for equal treatment in areas, such as admission to state universities, health and social welfare, housing, sports and selections for government employment and armed forces and the police.