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National Anti-Doping Agency set up

(Pic: President’s Media Unit)
(Pic: President’s Media Unit)

The national Anti-Doping Agency is yet another Government project to ensure that school children are saved from the drug menace.The Agency’s new building at the Sugathadasa Stadium was opened by President Maithripala Sirisena last week.

The President reiterated the need for everyone to work towards eradicating drugs from the country. He said that there are organised methods which have been adopted by drug smugglers and dealers to infiltrate drugs into the school system and then through it even to the Universities.

The Sri Lanka Anti-Doping Agency functions with the primary aim of building a disciplined generation and a clean sports field while preventing the use of stimulants.

President Sirisena also highlighted the importance of our sportsmen and women, who take the country’s good image to the world, being healthy and good citizens, who do not use drugs and stimulants.

The President said that the ‘Sujatha Daruwo’ program will commence from March 15 as a special program of the National Drug Prevention Project to protect the new generation and schoolchildren from the drug menace and it will be introduced to schoolchildren with contributions from Ministries.