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Jacques Gunawardena strikes like thunder

3 March, 2019
Jacques Gunewardena in action
Jacques Gunewardena in action

Jacques Gunawardena who returned to the racing track after seven months signalled his re-entry and proved that he is never to give up racing when he won the Championship at the newly laid track at Kaluaggala named as the Thunder Valley last week.

Gunawardena went on to grab both events he competed in the Group MX 250cc Class and the Group MX Open events.

The Thunder Valley track is prepared specially for Bikes and 4x4 racing. Gunawardena who has undergone many mishaps on the track during the past few years, finally underwent an operation in Australia and recovered well to be in fighting form to race on this day. He hopes to make a big impact by competing in almost all the events that are to be worked off this season.

The inclement weather kept ground conditions changing often to give drivers and riders a tough time. Competitors however battled magnificently to overcome these difficulties and made the day’s proceedings a successful one for all spectators.

The event was organized by the Four Wheel Drive Club of Sri Lanka and Two Wheels Motor Racing Club in conjunction with Nem Racing. The two wheelers were on a typical MX track designed by the track owner Haren Yatawaka while the 4-wheelers were on one of the most rugged and unforgiving terrain that took competitors through mud, slippery slopes, deep ruts, gullies and landslides that were demanding.

The inaugural event saw an unprecedented 21 entries in the 4x4 touring class and 64 bikes that included junior riders under-9, 12 and 15 to the competitive MX 250 and Super Motard open events. Besides Jacques Gunawardena there was Imal Manchanayeka on Super Motards and Shanuka Jayana, Rumesha Buultjens, Bhanuka Ratnayake and other top riders keeping the crowd on their toes. Junior riders NK Imasha, Rasindu Sudasinghe, Dileesh Kevitiyagala and Rumesh de Silva also put on a magnificent show in their respective junior events.

Results: Group J - PW 50cc: 1. N.K. Imasha, 2. Shaqueeb Ahamad, 3. Sandaru Himasha

Group J – MX 85cc under-12: 1. Dileesh Kevitiyagala, 2. Rasindu Mithmal, 3. Minuka Ratnayake

Group J 125cc up to 250cc 4/T: 1. Sandru Shamika, 2. M.N. Perera, 3. E.A.P.M. Edirisinghe

Group J – MX 65cc under-12 Club Event: 1. Rasindu Mithmal, 2. Dineth Mihiranga, 3. Ravinu Ratnayake

Group SM Super Motard Open; 1. Imal Manchanayake, 2. A.G.T.P. Dhananjaya, 3..Chameen Siriwickrama

Group J-MX85cc under 15: 1. Rumesh de Silva, 2. Nisala Jayasundera, 3. Ayon S. Perera

Group MX 250cc: 1. Jacques Gunawardena, 2. Bhanuka Ratnayake, 3. Rumesha Buultjens

Group MX Open: 1. Jacques Gunawardena, 2. Shanuka Sandaruwan