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Every cent well spent

Project Rescue, was indeed a Mission Impossible but the members of the Interact clubs of Holy Family Balika, Kurunegala and Maliyadeva Adarsha Maha Vidyalaya, Kurunegala achieved the impossible.The three phased , humanitarian community project culminated on December 14, 2018, at the Oncology Unit of the Teaching Hospital in Kurunegala. The immediate necessity was to save the lives of three cancer patients who were in critical condition and the cost entailed for treatment was a staggering Rs. 314,620. The necessary funds were not available and the young Interactors of these two schools together with the administration units of the schools were very magnanimous in forging ahead, amidst all odds to find the necessary finances to fund the patients.

With the kind and generous support of their parents and the Wayamba Cancer Society together with donations and sponsorships, the children worked tirelessly to add up every cent to collect this amount within four days. This feat seemed insurmountable at first, yet the Interactors were determined and worked relentlessly day and night, travelled across multiple cities to meet likely philanthropists in several private companies and government establishments and also advertised effectively on social media. They urged their families and friends to contribute towards this worthy cause. The passion and dedication to duty while working for a purpose was unimaginable. The Interactors kept their motto of ‘service above self’ - engraved in their hearts throughout their effort. Completing this impossible dream, the Interactors could not but hold back tears when they were able to hold in their hand, the required sum of money to save the patients. This sum was to purchase the HIPEC machine Toolkit, necessary to perform chemotherapy without side effects. This extremely magnanimous gesture of the young Interactors certainly needs special mention and is an ideal example for Sri Lankan youth to follow.

Christmas Celebrations At The Oncology Ward - Teaching Hospital -Kurunegala

Hosting Christmas celebrations for the cancer patients has been a project conducted annually by the Interact club of Holy Family Balika, Kurunegala. However, this year they organised it jointly with the Interact Club of Maliyadeva Adarsha Maha Vidyalaya. The celebrations were held on December 19. Hundred and sixty two cancer patients were treated to a day filled with joyous celebration. Santa Claus distributed fruit baskets with grapes, pomegranates, bananas, king coconuts and butter fruit. Yoghurt and Christmas cake was served as well. To give the celebrations more festive cheer, the Interactors had made little Christmas badges that were pinned on all the patients. The celebrations came to a close with both the Interactors and patients joining in a rousing rendition of popular Christmas carols.