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Remembering Universal Women’s Day

All will agree that there is one among humanity
Who has developed the strong element in society
The entire world begins with this noble being
On whom depends the world’s survival for everyone’s wellbeing
She comes as girl, wife, mother and grandma in different stages
Vividly and respectively opening the life’s pages
Each presence and array of distinct specialities
Ranging from virtue, moral values and good qualities
As a girl she should be hardworking and of good behaviour
And in education should act as her own saviour
In every act her aim should be to go up hill
Whenever possible developing her talents and skills
Then as wife she will be the best and finest in the globe
To take her hand at the correct time will be man’s hope
She will support him in his noble quest
Always encouraging him to achieve his best
From wife to mother she finds it a soothing diversion
Displaying her family concern and earnest passion
The next most glorious will be as the mother
With love and responsibility hovering around her
She takes pleasure in participating as a dutiful wife
Trying her best to fulfill obligations of her life
Then her life becomes one of devoted commitment
Acting on their behalf purely for their contentment
When in office a great civilizing factor is her mission
Which operates with her farsighted vision
Together they embody all that is good and nice
Should be well recognised by the official heads wise
It is said that best mothers get promoted to grandmothers
Not very late but during her sunset years
With loads of love in their feeble hearts
Enjoying every moment till they depart
She is girl, wife, mother, grandma all rolled into one
Should be hailed in service to the universe
Their enormous service should be taken into consideration
Rights and privileges should be granted sans hesitation
May this be a bouquet to all the women in the world

-Rupa Banduwardena