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Keells own label to satisfy cost and quality conscious customer

In today’s challenging economy, private label products, also known as own label products have become increasingly popular with many shoppers. The reason behind this is the retailer’s ability to cut down on distribution and marketing costs by approaching suppliers directly, and thus offering customers the same standards as a national brand but at a lower price.

Keells too has joined the many global and local own label brands, offering reasonable prices in addition to a diverse and growing range of 260 items. But Keells’offering of low prices has not affected the brand’s dedication to quality. The range follows accepted quality standards such as Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI) standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) while products without these standards are monitored through internal and independent external audits according to basic GMP criteria. This attention to detail and quality extends to the sensory evaluations carried out by the internal quality team and the laboratory testing.Additionally, products carry nutritional information for the entire product range- an industry first from the Brand.

The effort behind the Own Label range is to provide value through good quality, low price and an extensive range, resulting in the ultimate saving explains Charitha Subasinghe, President- Retail of John Keells Group. It also reinstates their core purpose as a retailer to ‘improve the quality of life for the nation’

The saving offered by Keells Own Label can be explained in a practical scenario.

For example, a basket of essentials such as keeri samba 5kg, brown sugar 1kg, tea 500g, noodles 400g, pasta 400g, chilli pieces 250g , fat spread 250 g, soya meat 90g, bar soap 650g , dish wash liquid 500ml and detergent powder 1 kg purchased from national brands costs an average of Rs. 3,574. Keells has worked towards offering the same basket of items as Keells products for Rs. 2,552- offering a saving of Rs. 1000 together with good quality, thus delivering the best value to customers.