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Finnish company to set up $300m garbage recycling plant

Officials of the two companies with President Maithripala Sirisena.
Officials of the two companies with President Maithripala Sirisena.

A Finnish company will invest US $ 300 million to set up a garbage recycling plant in Mirigama which which will help solve the country’s garbage issue.

Fortum Oy of Finland, a company which generates energy by recycling waste and garbage, will set up the plant that will provide a solution to the garbage disposal problem that had been aggravated over the recent past.

The company plans to build a waste park in a 30-acre block of land which aims to generate 250 MW electricity which can be supplied to the national grid. .

“The project is expected to be completed within two years and the Park would be set up in four months. Sri Lanka is one of the worst affected countries in Asia where collection of garbage is concerned. The plant would purchase 3,500 tons of solid waste from Colombo, and will later extend the program to the Western Province and other key cities generating large volumes of garbage,” Chairman of Endeavour Energy Company, Kumar Perumal said.

The Western Province generates around 3,500 tonnes of garbage daily and the plant has the capacity to recycle all of this waste.

Perumal, expressing his confidence in the ability of the Fortum Oy of Finland he represents, along with his own said, the company plans to set up a plant with 10 MW capacity to convert garbage to energy. The plant would generate energy using Colombo garbage amounting to 2,400 MT.

Two officials of the company, Juha Finnila and Waltteri Kyrola along with Endeavour Energy Corporation Ltd (Part of Fortum Oy) Chairman, Kumar Perumal met President Maithripala Sirisena to outline the project recently.

The trio was here to finalise the work program ‘turn waste into energy’ and produce solar power by investing USD 300 million.

They plan to build a ‘Waste Park’ in plot of land on 30 acres in Mirigama and that would become the largest energy processing zone in Asia generating 250 MW electricity. They have designed the project to ensure the generation of this amount of power with waste being recycled.

The Endeavour Energy Company came out with its proposal in July 2017, to end the gigantic problem of mounding waste and the disposal of garbage by turning that into much needed energy.