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Oppo to launch new mobile phones

Oppo is set to add new products - Oppo F11 and F11 Pro to its popular F series of mobile phones sporting a new 48MP ultra-clear camera system bringing customers an excellent rear camera capability which allows brilliant portrait. In addition to inheriting the excellent selfie function of the F series of F9, the F11 series boast several innovative technologies and are equipped with a new rising camera, a panoramic screen and a sleek gradient design bringing customers a more comfortable and flawless user experience.

The favourite camera phone brand of young people across, OPPO, has always been committed to providing creative youth with the inventive mobile phones that allow them to snap and share expressions of themselves and the world around them.

Seeing as a highly popular form of smartphone photography, OPPO first devised a selfie function that was continuously refreshed and enriched with cutting-edge selfie technology as well as a front camera.

Oppo continued to innovate, releasing the stunning F9, integrating the first dual rear camera to unveil an excellent depth of field effect. Building on the groundbreaking dual rear camera and portrait technology of F9, Oppo’s F11 series elevate the F series to an even higher level, upgrading the mobile phones and Oppo itself from ‘Selfie Expert’ to ‘Brilliant Portrait’.

In day-light environments, the devices can directly output 48MP ultra HD pictures. In low-light environments, F11’s “Tetracell technology” analySes and combines the data acquired by four adjacent pixels to make it equivalent to a single pixel size of 1.6μm, doubling the size of the photosensitive pixel and shooting brighter and low-noise night portraits.

F11 and F11 Pro are also powered by ultra-clear night mode and Color Mapping, OPPO’s system-level optimisation solution specially designed for smartphone photography.

Through a combination of hardware and software, OPPO F11 and F11 Pro offer an exceptionally robust rear camera capability, enabling young consumers to easily capture the world and record all the delightful moments of their lives.