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Singer - ‘Most Popular Brand Name’

CEO Mahesh Wijewardena and Director Kumar Samarasinghe
CEO Mahesh Wijewardena and Director Kumar Samarasinghe

The trade name ‘Singer’ won the Most Popular Brand of the Year for the 13th year at the SLIM-Nielsen awards ceremony recently.

Singer Sri Lanka’s Marketing Director Kumar Samarasinghe said, “Among the giants of many market brands, becoming the number one brand is no easy task. It is the long term trust of the consumers that brought this victory for Singer. This cannot be done individually. It is possible with a well-organised teamwork.

“While we serve the customers as a team we always give our duties top priority. Singer Sri Lanka has a 143-year history and has introduced world-renowned brands to the local market other than Singer and Sisil brands and over 50 other brands to be purchased in over 1,500 models from showrooms islandwide.

“We always want to introduce the world’s newest products to the local market. Every product comes with an incomparable guarantee and a trusted after-sales service. Our network of service centers allow the consumers a speedy repair,” he said.

Singer Sri Lanka’s Chief Executive Officer Mahesh Wijewardena said, “We have come a long way with trusted excellence. There is no single house in the country that has not used Singer products. We started with the internationally acclaimed Singer sewing machine and now have widened our horizon in education, agriculture, communication, industrial and many more sectors.

“All our products and services are available in Singer Plus, Singer Mega and Sisil World showrooms. We hope to expand our branch network with new state-of-the art showrooms. Opening new branches and upgrading of existing branches will be done allowing a smooth service to all customers,” he said.

“We keep an eye on the market trends and are willing to adjust according to consumer needs assuring quality of the products and services.

We have reached the consumer with an excellent service which is the secret of winning the Most Popular Brand name award for a long time.

I also take this opportunity to thank our customers who have bestowed their trust on us over the years,” Wijewardena said.