An ode to freedom | Sunday Observer

An ode to freedom

My heart is a harp seeking ecstatic joy
Like a care free bird flying towards aazure sky
Fluttering it’s wings in unison; a rare display
Of nature’s pristine beauty, marvelling all too pervading
Human spirit of freedom
In contrast there are gloomy days of turmoil
Piercing my heart with hunter’s arrow of precision
And I cry aloud in acute pain, mounting fear
And falling headlong to the precipice of desperation
Then suddenly a miracle happens as destiny predicted
I plan an escape with hermits admirable patience
And perceptive foresight running towards
The heavenly bliss of happiness, feeling strong
And courageous, as somebody is surely pushing me
Towards the winning goal, and I am convinced
That a benign spirit is protecting me from any harm
As I reached the summit, running faster than the wind
Singing in harmony a melodious song
Spreading throughout the world, a long-standing
Human-nature’s marvel of freedom, liberating me
From all the fetters of bondage.

- Ranjan M. Amarasinghe