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Alex Rider: Eagle Strike

First Prize

If there is a book series that a person would willingly read twice, it would be the Alex Rider series.

An ingeniously written novel, Alex Rider has won many awards worldwide. This book series is written by Anthony Horowitz, an author famous worldwide among teenagers. Alex Rider was originally based on James Bond, a fictional spy. Anthony Horowitz has stylishly altered the character of James Bond to suit teenagers and young children.

Alex Rider is a teenage spy who is recruited for spy work by M16. In the novel Eagle Strike he has ninety minutes to save the world from the nefarious criminal mastermind Damian Cray, who is planning to launch nuclear missiles to destroy half the world. Suspense, daring, cheek and action bring together one explosive book for the readers.

Other than the sheer thrill and joy we get from reading this novel, we also gain knowledge about many subjects, making Alex Rider: Eagle Strike one of my favourite books.

Anushan Jayasinghe,

Grade 10,

Trinity College,