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Justice Nissanka Karunaratna elevated to the Court of Appeal

Speaking at the ceremonial sitting to welcome him to the Court of Appeal Justice Nissanka Bandula Karunaratna, highlighted the need for the judiciary and the legal system to be par with developments in technology and on dissemination of information through various platforms. The ceremony was held in the Supreme Court Complex in Hulftsdorp.

“In this digital era, one should take into account the profound impact on every person’s life brought upon by the advances of modern communications and primarily the role played by social media which together has facilitated rapid dissemination of information globally though these may often be flawed or distorted. It’s now regarded as a potent instrument of change. At the same time, these improvements in technology have enabled the judiciary to communicate speedily providing complete and accurate information, affording an opportunity to enlighten the public,” he said.

This, he said was important as the attitudes of the public vary depending on the level of democracy attained by a country and the political awareness of its people, according to studies.

Justice Karunaratna’s career spanning over three decades started in November 1988.He is a product of Royal College Colombo.

“In retrospect, this path in my career has not been paved with roses but with determination, stoicism and tolerance, I succeeded in overcoming the stumbling blocks that stood in the way. I regard it as my duty to extend my sincere gratitude to all those who lent me a helping hand during this long journey. Although I didn’t receive most things in life on a platter, the sweat, tears and toil together has granted me the opportunity to celebrate my achievement. It brings me and my family much relief and a sense of pride when I ponder and recall that I have done my utmost to dispense justice to the best of my ability,” he said.

Saying that even judges are humans, he said that “like any other category of professionals, judges are sensitive to the way they are regarded by the public and their evaluation of judicial decisions. Sadly though, matters relating to judicial decisions are far more complicated and intricate and frequently go beyond the scope of an ordinary layman’s comprehension”.

“On this solemn occasion, I pledge before the respected audience that I shall dedicate myself to ensure that justice reigns supreme in all matters. My sole intention is to help build a society of law-abiding citizens who appreciate the value and the indispensability of rule of law. I am much obliged and thankful to all of you who wish me well from the very depth of your heart to aid me in realising this goal.”

Attorney General, Jayantha Jayasuriya , President’s Counsel as well as lawyers and Justice Karunaratna’s family members were present at the ceremony which took place before the judges of the Court of Appeal, High Court, District Court as well as the Magistrates Courts.

“A sense of great pride and happiness overwhelms me as I see my mother sitting here in this hall to watch today’s event,” Justice Karunarathna said while also acknowledging his beloved wife Hiranthi, sons Sisistha, Dasun and his daughter in law Meynakshi.