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Older the beauty, stronger the booty

Pix: Ranjith Asanka
Pix: Ranjith Asanka

Foreigners and locals alike stood astounded while some could not believe their eyes that Sri Lanka’s motor industry of the past was well entrenched and polished for generations to come as the metal machines of a bygone era just came out on show at a Vintage Motor Rally from Colombo to Anuradhapura last week.

Some sixteen vehicles brought back the past proving that they can still vie for a place in a changed world where even the owners of the latest in 21st century transport stood to admire the beauties of yore and how they stood with the rest. Although the vehicles were nowhere near rocket-like or outer space technology, their beauty was unmatched and well acknowledged by owners present-day cars.

What was most amazing about the vintage cars, and a motorcycle for an out-rider, was that they were still in running condition and at the slightest of emergence could turn heads in a way that vehicles of the present generation will not be able to do.

The 16 vehicles were the most precious that their owners possess or could boast of and travelled at speeds of up to 50. One vehicle, an Z series Morris 8 Tourer, owned by Harish Senadeera made it to the start in Colombo from as far as Beliatta in the Hambantota district while another gem of a vehicle, a Hilman 12, travelled with its owner S Piyananda from Ambalangoda.

The vehicles on show were probably the last of a forgotten past, while a large number were disposed of as scrap metal or rusted into oblivion when their owners moved along with the changing times and virtually renounced their membership in the Vintage Car Owners’ Club that organized the event.