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The Little Brownie House and other stories

The Little Brownie House and other stories by Enid Blyton is a collection of fourteen short stories titled The Little Brownie House, The Old Red Cushion, The Mouse and Rat Robber, The Talking Doll, The Sparrow Children, Billy's Butterfly, I Was Here First, In the Fashion, She Hadn't Any Friends, The Whispering Pool, It's Just a Dream, "Oh, Bother Granny!”, The Other Little Boy and What Happened On Christmas Eve.

The Little Brownie House is about two cute little brownies called Kim and Mickle who live in a tree house and are very worried because the woodman had come to chop down their tree. The brownies took their furniture from the tree house and arranged it on the lawn below and stood there wondering where to go because they really had nowhere to go. They piled all their furniture into a cart and wheeled it away feeling very sad.

Fortunately for the brownies, they come across an empty house by the hedge and move in. Kim and Mickle make friends with the little children who live in the house in the garden. The children find it very exciting to have a brownie house at the bottom of their garden with real brownies living there and they have good times together.

The Sparrow Children is about young sparrows who cannot get enough to eat during a very cold Winter. The sparrows go to in search of their parents who fed them in the nest in the previous year, but their parents turn them away and tell them that they are now old enough to look after themselves. Fortunately for the young sparrows, they meet a kind brownie who takes them into his house and bakes bread and potatoes and feeds them during the Winter, until the brownies leave when Spring comes.

Reviewed by Hannah William