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A new band in town!

At last, at last Sajith Perera has decided to leave the wings and move into centre stage with the launch of his single entitled Wayamin. This should have happened much earlier since he hails from a family for whom music has been second nature. No one will doubt the popularity of Sunil Perera whose music talent is extra ordinary and cannot be matched. We all know that Sunil has to walk on stage from the wings to get a rousing appreciation from any audience and so we hope Sajith Perera will follow in the same footsteps.

Q: What took you so long to come forward heading a band like what you are going to do from May this year?

A: Actually I should have started much earlier but it seemed that the time was not right for me to begin making a name in the music scene. That is why I launched this single Wayamin and we have received a lot of positive comments about the song and the video. Before the end of this year we are planning to release our first album which will be called Kettu Aadare there are twelve songs on this album and all were written and composed by me.

Q: So when do you hope to launch your band?

A: We have already formed the band and we call ourselves Ninety Nine – 99 and my other members are Sudam Nanayakkara-vocal/lead guitar, Dileepa Deshan – vocal/bass, Kavisha Perera-vocal/keyboards, Chamodhya Krishan – drums, Pradhee Sandheepana – vocals/keyboards and I will be on vocals and rhythm guitar. We are now focusing on our practices so that we can undertake dinner dances, corporate events weddings and what have you and in this context we have already accepted performances from May this year.

We are working hard strengthening our band by composing original songs and we can proudly say that we have some good materials enough for three albums which we would like music lovers to enjoy. These songs include ballads, slow rock, baila, salsa, reggae and country.

Q: So I can confidently say that you are going to be second to the Gypsies who still hold the leading role in today’s music industry?

A: We are hoping to be a new act altogether which will be unique to the music lovers in Colombo and islandwide.