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Juniper Networks introduces new products

Juniper Networks launched a range of customer solutions to take global networking to the next level, Juniper Networks, Head of Enterprise and CTO SAARC, Sajan Paul told the media.

“We have brought networking solutions to customers that have taken away traditional constraints to enable them to deliver automated scalable networks that connect all. These solutions while being cost efficient have retained and improved their efficiency. In today’s world, there is a massive load of software solutions available. Juniper Networks have skills in the areas of IoT, Big Data, and Multi-cloud. We have new products that could face any challenge and provide our customers with cost efficient solutions,” he said.

Since its launch in 1997 it has made inroads into the enterprise market and succeeded in several government and education sectors, he said.

According to Paul, they partner large networking in India such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro HCL and global alliance partners such as Ericcson, IBM and NSN. They also partner around 100 small and large Indian companies and provide employment to over 2,500 persons worldwide.

In creating a vibrant technological ecosystem, Juniper will be looking forward to bringing in the automation drive.

The kind of automation that we bring in on to either the hardware platforms or to the software platforms is parallel to none. Nobody else in the industry can boast about the kind of information that can be collected from the hardware boxes that we deploy across the service providers or the enterprises, he said.

“We at Juniper recently expanded the Contrail Enterprise Multicloud to enable end-to-end policy and control capability for any workload across most setvec deployments in any clouds. Junipers recent advancements in cyber security, combined with the automation, machine learning and real-time intelligence features of its unified Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) platform, will help organisations protect themselves by staying ahead of threats and minimising the cost of a breach,” he said.

“We are engineering a united cyber security platform that is automated adaptive and simplified to attract business of the IT industry. Building a large scale network of IT structure as the core of the business, Juniper Networks is supporting many sectors that depend on technology to move forward,” Paul said.