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Alliance Finance receives merit award

Alliance Finance Company PLC – Sri Lanka (AFC) has been recognised with a merit award at the ADFIAP Outstanding Development Projects Awards 2019, organised by the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP), headquartered in the Philippines.

It was awarded under the category of Local Economic Development for AFC’s contribution towards developing Social Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka by partnering with the Ath Pavura reality TV program.

ADFIAP is the industry body representing the development banks and other financial institutions engaged in the financing of development in the Asia-Pacific region. Its mission is to advance sustainable development through its members.

Founded in 1976, Director, Sustainability, Mahinda Gunasekara said, “AFC believes that true triple bottom line value creation is a process that identifies significant social and environmental issues that are prevailing and finds innovative as well as effective business solutions that ensure a positive outcome for society and the environment in a holistic manner. This process is key to sustainable development.”

AFC’s sustainability mandate in the context of its core business is largely focused on battling the climate change and developing sustainable communities using finance as a catalyst.

In 2017, AFC pledged its commitment to this goal as a signatory to the Karlsruhe Resolution at the Global Sustainable Finance Conference in Germany; organised by the European Organization for Sustainable Development. This is a declaration of institutional support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement (COP21), collectively referred to as ‘Agenda 2030’.