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Getting rich using imagination through mind-engineering

What is mind engineering?

Engineers construct something which was not in existence previously by using given raw materials to make it result oriented and attractive.

Likewise, in mind engineering, you regularise and arrange your mind to make it look more appealing and productive. A great part of this mechanism consists of imagination.

Imagination is one step ahead of positive thinking. In imagination, one doesn’t merely hope as in positive thinking, but create the atmosphere as it happened, which sends a strong signal to the subconscious mind.

In most cases, the subconscious mind can’t figure out the difference between the actual situation and the artificial situation. That is why we behave like superheroes just after watching an action movie.

This is evident in children to a great extent as they are not mature enough to control and hide their emotions. I see this as a positive aspect of human behaviour as it is a harmful mind stimulator.

Recently, I was told by a renowned Doctor, that some youth in the corporate sector use banned substances to stimulate themselves, to perform better. This is a alarming situation and under no circumstance can it be accepted. I would say mind engineering is the best option to replace such acts. It brings about astonishing changes in the life of a person.

Before getting into mind engineering, let us lay the foundation. We have discussed the billionaire mindset through my previous articles captioned ‘Live like a millionaire from the little you have’. I trust those articles would have helped you to a great extent to stimulate your mind to live happily by using your resources. Those would also have helped you to think outside the box to be rich. I would say, if you want to be wealthier you have to develop six aspects within you.

These are: the vision, know-how, hard work, positive thinking, imagination, and finally the enjoyment of being rich. Nervous? Don’t worry! You are already there. That is why you are reading this article. After reading this article you should create your vision. From then onwards, you can move into your mission which is based on know-how and hard work.

There is no commencement and completion to being rich. It is an ‘always thing’ not a ‘sometime thing’. That is why it doesn’t have a starting point. It has only a process. During the process, you should maintain positive thinking and imagination uninterruptedly. You should have your own internal goals to achieve at regular intervals. Once a goal is achieved, treat yourself, pause for a while and move to the next level without rushing things.

Creating a vision

The vision should be a broad one. It can’t be an egoistic one. You are born to the world as a special person. That should be your perception of yourself. When you are special, you should have unique ways which others can’t match. Therefore, as an honourable human-being, you should share it with others. Teach others what they lack and in return respect their competence.

If you do that you will have no regrets on the day that you leave this world. Therefore, have a noble vision. Based on the vision, create your mission. Write down your mission statement. If you prefer you can keep it to yourself or you can make it public. By making public, people will know your direction and your pulse.

Let me give you an example of a good mission statement.

“I want to be rich to make the world a better place not only for me but for my countrymen too. I want to guide them to live their lives in a meaningful way to enhance the quality of their lives and the lives of their children.

“I will start this with my family and then extend my circles of influence to my countrymen. Let me live my vision to its principles such as honesty integrity, trust, fidelity, charity, self-sufficiency, and pro-activity. I wish to learn and teach, to give and receive, to love and to be loved, to understand and to be understood. Finally, I would prefer to live life simply, but tastefully with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eyes always.”

Your mission statement should be something similar to this and touch every aspect.

You would have heard the story of two masons. It goes like this. Two masons were working at a town construction site. When one was asked what he was doing, he said that he was erecting a wall for a building. When the other was asked the same question, he said he was building a city. The same cause, but two different perceptions.

Likewise, when the mission statement is prepared have a broad perception such as the one above. Similarly, have the statement prepared towards something which you enjoy, look forward to, and dream of. Then you will not be bored halfway.

Consider your core competencies relevant to your knowledge and skills before preparation of the mission statement. If you are not sure of them apply the following application to fish them out. What do people praise you for? Where have you excelled in the past? What are your natural talents? When the answers for these questions surface, you will be confident in preparing your mission statement. Go a step further and prioritise what is important to you in life. What do you stand for? What would you not stand for? What would you sacrifice for?

Dream of the future but live today

Prepare your mission statement with deadlines or time-frames. Today is the day. Have this mind setting every day as you get up. There is no other day like ‘today’. Hence the most important day of the rest of your life is today. Yesterday has gone and tomorrow has not come as yet.

Therefore, spend today productively with joy and happiness. To carry on your mission have six wheels fixed to it. The following are the wheels that should be fixed to your mission cart: Being, Body, Brain, People, Time and Money.

Being – Nourishing the mind in a spiritual way to ensure that you have the mental energy and resources to sustain your life purpose. (visiting the temple, church, mosque - meditation, and yoga).

Body – Maintaining your body which has housed your soul to ensure that you have the physical fitness to sustain your life purpose (healthy eating habits, proper nutrition, and physical exercises).

Brain - Developing your intellectual capacity to pilot your path to your mission (reading for a Degree, MBA, PhD or an advanced course).

People – Building a network of influential people who can guide you to accomplish your mission.

Time – Having timeframes. Have a tentative date to leave this world. Once it is done, divide the remaining time into five-year blocks. Then divide those into one-year blocks. One year blocks can be divided into one-month sub-blocks. Those sub-blocks could be further divided into one week blocks. Once this is done, you will feel that you are in control of the rest of your life. Now map your mission plan into these blocks. Say, during the first five years you are going be professionally qualified to have more glamour to your mission.

Money - Planning for your financial sustainability. How much money do you need to achieve your mission? Target the amount of money that you are going to earn and save. Set time frames and goals for them.

Let’s face reality now. You will find you are 90 percent off the track initially. But when you are focused on your final destination, you keep coming back to the right track all the time.

It is like the route of an airplane. Before the plane takes off, the pilot has a flight plan. He knows his destination. But on his way, wind, rain, turbulence, air traffic, human errors and other factors act upon on his plane. Nevertheless, he reaches his destination. For him to reach his destination, he has to move his plane in different directions based on the circumstances.

To reach your destination you have to have a clear vision, a plan and proper direction (compass).

I have explained the mechanism so as to lay the foundation for mind engineering. Let’s discuss in detail as to how mind-engineering works for you to achieve desired results (money wise or otherwise) in the next article.

Mind-engineering is hardly spoken of in any personal development fora. Had this been better known, our society could have been a better place to live in. A handful of people have changed millions of lives and reshaped the world by teaching mind engineering in the West, but, it is hardly discussed here.