Vallibel Finance opens branch in Narammala | Sunday Observer

Vallibel Finance opens branch in Narammala

The bustling city of Narammala now has Vallibel Finance, right in its town-center. Vallibel Finance unveiled its brand of financial services at 93, Kurunegala Road, Narammala.

Managing Director of Vallibel Finance, Jayantha Rangamuwa said, “Paddy fields stretched across Narammala not only lend it beauty but also form the backbone of its economy. However, Narammala’s agri-based economy has, today, evolved into a multi-faceted economy boasting industry and craft and professional careers as the locality absorbs modern-day advances. We are here with a pledge to fulfill the diverse financial expectations of Narammala as the city stands poised to embrace a new era of progress.”

Driving home the reasons that propelled Vallibel Finance to the pinnacle of success as one of the country’s most respected finance company, he said that just as it practices in its island-wide branch network, Narammala’s financial solutions will be home-grown, leveraging on the needs of its people and the complexities of the locality.

The company not only invests heavily in state-of-the-art infrastructure but has cultivated a team of financial professionals specifically trained to adapt to the expectations and challenges unique to each locality Vallibel Finance enters. “We always create financial solutions made to fit the people we serve in their own unique localities, Rangamuwa said.

Increasingly popular wherever it goes as the name-bearer of one of Sri Lanka’s most respected conglomerates, Vallibel Finance has revolutionised the role of a finance company with breakthrough products such as auto draft bringing financial support with the kind of speed and ease never seen before, a company spokesman said. Alongside people-friendly technical innovations, the Company prides in its ability to feel the pulse of the people, understanding that needs and challenges are so intricate that each new locality offers a unique proposition that calls for authentically home-grown solutions, he said.