Mother Lanka | Sunday Observer

Mother Lanka

We live in a land endowed with natural beauty
With cool breeze and scenic view keeping afresh
Nature’s secrets are unveiled before every eye
Exotic flora and fauna that no one can deny
We love golden beaches with dazzling sand
We admire thee putting together our hands
Located strategically on major sea routes

Also known from eastwards as the silk route
With roaring expanse of water with wave after wave
Smashing on to the land as if we have put a wave
Adding charm and scenic splendour right round
To raise our hands and salute thee we are bound
We call this the paradise isle in the Indian Ocean
Which was later aimed at by Western nations

As a solemn gift from neighbouring Indian home
We are blessed with Buddhism and its super norms
We take pride in long standing traditions
We respect thee by raising our clasped hands
With hard work and royalty’s mighty performance
Everybody saw this as a land of abundance

The aliens destroyed a striving civilization
And the indigenes had to tolerate their reaction
Acres of paddy fields everywhere filled with green
Let us bow our heads in praise of thee
Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher form the population
Mother Lanka being an island was one territory
Where they all live together in a state unitary
Three decades of ruthless war – a bitter memory
Never to recollect in life and not to worry

Let us bless you waving a flag in our hands
Petty disputes and quarrels have become a feature
Which anybody will admit as a part of human nature
It is time to try and share common ideas
Let us come together as global citizens
And preserve our bonds of human relations
We raise our hats high to honour thee
Why try to label “this is our own”
When all this was ours from time unknown

Try to make unity a living reality
This is sure to provide a golden opportunity
To reach the greatest heights in peace and prosperity
Let us go down on our knees to worship thee
Our lovely island home – Our Mother Lanka.

- Rupa Banduwardena