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Café Noir - succulent food in a cozy setting

Samantha Lakshman
Samantha Lakshman

Bringing locally induced flavour to Italian food is the unique attribute of Café Noir. Situated at Pelawatte, the building has different indulgences at three levels. At ground floor there is a lovely and enticing array of cakes and desserts, the red velvet cake being the signature dessert. The interior painted in green is elegantly contrasted with large orange sofas, red cushions and racks of books on level two. The books reveal various facets of Sri Lankan culture and history. Seating is simple but very cozy giving you the feel of being in a reading room - where you can actually eat. The lighting sets the tone for a relaxing evening.

Head Chef Samantha Lakshman and his team have perfected the art of fusion cuisine, keeping the prices affordable. First on our menu was a glass of their famous orio chocolate shake, a sweet sensation that will reach out to any age group. Their strawberry mojito is another refreshing drink. The starter came in a creative form - deep fried sweet potato, dusted with paprika served in a basket. This was an absolute delight in comparison to factory made regular French fries. We tried two of their dishes including Chefs signature dish, Beef Stew Volcano.

The Beef Stew Volcano was indeed exploding with flavour, and created raves among foodies. The tender beef cooked in a creamy demi glaze was filled inside a large bread based shell - giving the visual impression of a mountain. When the shell is cut open the steam and spicy aroma lashes out temptingly. The dish is thoughtfully garnished with two pickled chillies. This is a rewarding dish that has set the benchmark in local dining. Item number two was a pan grilled chicken breast served with mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

The chicken was done well maintaining the right amount of moisture in the meat, giving a good brown coating on the outside.

Café Noir has another array of fusion food, including – pangasi grilled fish (imported from Myanmar), chicken liver pate paleo, bacon wrap filled with capsicum, Dijon beef, seafood platter, beef blitz pate, pasta with coriander pesto and pizza. A unique feature at this venue is that the entire menu is on a tab. When you sit down you take a tab, browse and then enter your order - which goes directly to the kitchen. This allows for more time to engage in conversation, in comparison to talking to waiting staff.

The chocolate biscuit pudding and the Greek yoghurt are the signature desserts. The Greek yoghurt is an interesting portion, as it has a more intense flavour than regular yoghurt. It is made especially at the café. It can be served with an assortment of toppings and we chose blueberry compote. The other options were passion fruit and strawberry. This dessert is not too sweet and won’t have you worried about counting your calories. The third floor of the venue has a stunning view. The staff is friendly and service is good.

Café Noir is a stunning venue with creative food that gives you value for money (DJ).