Selena Gomez breaks her Instagram silence | Sunday Observer

Selena Gomez breaks her Instagram silence

Selena Gomez has returned to Instagram after her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber made headlines this week for telling a Jelena fan that he did not marry Hailey Baldwin to get back at Gomez.

Gomez didn't explicitly comment on Bieber, but she did make it clear that she's doing just fine by sharing a gorgeous throwback photo of herself from October 2018 cover shoot. "throw b," she captioned the image of herself. In its first seven minutes up alone, the post already got over 220,000 likes.

Bieber's confession that he "loved and still loves Selena" in his big Instagram comment got a lot of buzz from fans and media outlets. But the point of Bieber's post was to make it clear that Baldwin is the woman he happily wed and to stop sending him and her hateful comments about that.

Gomez has long been reported to be over Bieber after their on-off relationship ended last March. Multiple outlets reported in July that Gomez really does not care that Bieber got engaged to Baldwin after a month of dating.

"Selena was surprised an engagement happened this quickly but not surprised Justin would do something like this knowing who he is," a source told E! then. "At the end of the day though she doesn't really care. Selena is totally over him. She had tried again to make it work that last time and it didn't work out. Selena is definitely on a different path right now and in a much better place since Justin is out of the picture...She isn't focused on dating as much as she's just really focusing on herself. She's happy right now just spending time with her girlfriends and going to church."

By the time Bieber proposed to Baldwin, Peoplereported that he and Gomez were not talking. “They haven’t spoken in months. She hasn’t been talking about him since they ended things again earlier this year,” the outlet's source said.

Entertainment Tonightreported in August last year that her friends didn't really like her and Bieber together either. "Selena is such a catch, and her friends want her to be with someone who's worthy of her," a source told the outlet at the time. "They really didn't like Justin and her together. He didn't appreciate what he had in her."