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Poem : Reminiscing Sinhala and Hindu New Year

Sinhala New Year is a unique event in our national heritage
Which binds us together culturally with its long usage
Coming down from generations, Sinhala New Year is a treasure
That continues on its own with no pressure
Residents from all corners of the island who hail
Observe the day and precious customs without fail
The time factor auspicious, is given prominence
And it is a perfect occasion for family dominance
For the young it is a short break from the busy urban life
Who feel they are duty bound to join the family to be safe
Visiting the parents far away in the village
Giving least attention to covering the pretty long mileage
The New Year table prepared carefully at home
Makes everybody far and away feel warm and welcome
The traditional cuisine with Avurudu flavour
Is seen in every home regardless of whether rich or poor
New Year prides itself using local stuff found free
Serving raw, cooked cashew nuts found fresh on the tree
Ambultial made from the fish brought to the doorstep
Also forms a part of the delicious dishes served atop
Possibly the most exciting is the dish of Kiribath
With father putting a piece gently into everybody’s mouth
Bedum and pickles prepared previously for the event
Wafts throughout the house, its New Year scent
Still more, a number of items feature on the kevili list
Which are so delicious that none would like to omit
Home made Kevum started at the auspicious time
And Kokis of different shapes with its fast chriscris chime
Aasmi prepared from the wild Cinnamon leaf
Infused on top with a splash of honey design brief
Mouth watering PaniValalu are so delicious – history lingers
You will have to restrain yourself from licking the fingers
Mung Kevum and Velithalapa are two more items of special delight
Evoking the elegance and mastery of the traditional sweets throughout
There may be a lot more not mentioned here
That contributes to family friendly atmosphere
The Buddhists this day visit the temple, the proud landmark
Really and truly to perform their meaningful religious task
During Nonagatha time they seek the compassion of the great Master
To lead a happy and peaceful life devoid of disaster
The entire family. Specially the kids in their New Year clothing
Enjoy the sound of crackers though not very soothing
Fresh and healthy feeling spreads in your home
Enjoying the food at accurate auspicious time
Worshiping the parents and respecting the elders come next
Who shower fondest blessings to their ability best
Greeting them with a sheaf of betel to be fee from agony
The young go down on their knees cherishing their precious company
These are things that speak silently and eloquently about the New Year
Bringing back your fond memories that will fade never
It will be nice to pass the message to the younger crowd
To be aware of the true Avurudu theme that one could be proud

-Rupa Banduwardena