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A race of love, brotherhood


Today, April 14 is a beautiful day for all of us in our beloved island. A day when we visit places of worship to seek blessings. It is a day when many homes are full of new dresses, tables full of kavum, kokis, kiribath, mung kavum, asmi, aggala, bananas and seeni sambol. A day when crackers, sound of raban and shouting fill the air with lots of fellowship.

This New Year’s Day is special.

The South East Asian inaugural 'Marathon' was to start from Colombo and finish at Avissawella. Diplomats, tourists and Lankans line the road. Lots of chatter and clapping.

Mahesh was a hot favourite to represent Sri Lanka at the next Olympics. Mahesh was leading by about half a kilometre from the second. Others were far behind. Continuous clapping and cheering.

A calf that had not seen so many shouting humans darted across the road, with its rope trailing behind. The rope got entangled to a wheel- chair with an elderly differently-abled person on it.

He was about to fall off the wheel-chair with the chair on him. Mahesh ran to the place, and carried the scared person to safety. A terrible tragedy was averted. Spectators attended to the fallen person.

Mahes had injured his foot and shoulders. Some wanted to help him in reaching the finish line, eighty metres from the tape. Mahesh limped on with Thangarajah from Jaffna just behind him. There was utter pandemonium among the spectators.

Amidst all this Thangarajah overtook Mahesh with a wave, stopped just five metres from the finishing line and bade Mahesh to run ahead up to the end. Mahesh was in tears. Thangaraja was also in tears when Mahesh stood by the white line and embracing each other’s they crossed the finishing line together.

People were dancing. The Head of State, many diplomats and Lanka’s politicians of different parties were dancing. Birds were chirping.

Mahesh’s and Thangarajah had crossed a line that showed the world that our beloved people had not changed. Mother Lanka must have wept with joy.

The Head of State spoke. “Gold medals for Mahesh and Thangarajah!” “Yes!” said the UN Representative.” “Gold medals are made from the earth’s ore” but Mahesh and Thangarajah have shown us they have hearts of Gold.” “My first official task will be to inform the Secretary General about this unforgettable happening.

Later, they brought the elderly person his wheel-chair and the calf and its mother. They were instruments that made love, sportsmanship and brotherhood to reign supreme.

Later on, Mahesh and Thangarajah were distinguished invitees in many South East Asian Countries. Also a few other countries on our Planet Earth. What an unforgettable New Year's Day.