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Defaming the Speaker: Mujibur wants action against MFA

United National Party Colombo District Parliamentarian Mujibur Rahuman urged the importance of taking stern actions against a probable defamatory caused to the Speaker of the Parliament by a letter directed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the 52-day government to foreign missions in Sri Lanka on November 10, 2018.

The letter stated that the reason for the President’s decision to dissolve the Parliament on November 9, 2018, was the state of uncertainty that prevailed regarding the 'anticipated behaviour of the Speaker.

The letter sent via fax also stated the following, “the attention of the President was drawn to the information that contrary to the Constitution and Standing Orders of the Parliamentary procedures and not proceed with the statement of Government Policy, that was to have been delivered by His Excellency the President on the 14 of November 2018, on which date Parliament was to be reconvened by the Gazette notification”.In a letter sent to the Speaker, MP Rahuman has stated that introducing the act of the Speaker as ‘anticipated behaviour’, is something that existed in the mind of the writer and does not refer to any actual act done by the Speaker.

“I raised this issue using the Parliamentary privileges I enjoy as an MP. The Speaker can direct this complaint to the Parliament Privilege committee and take action. There had been punishments given to the same level offences. As I think such offenders can be remanded”, said MP Rahuman.

He said, “I informed the Prime Minister before sending this letter. However, still, there is no response from the Speaker’s office. I do expect an answer from the Speaker on the next Parliament day”.

However, despite several attempts, MP Dr Sarath Amunugama who was the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the 52 day crisis was not available for comment. Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ravinatha Ariyasinghe was also unavailable for a comment as he was occupied with meetings.