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Matilda the Musical

Matilda the Musical. An utterly exhilarating, nostalgic and heart-tugging story that is based on the much-loved book by the incomparable and world-renowned author, Roald Dahl, the show will charm, fascinate and inspire the entire family with its uplifting storyline, loveable characters and toe-tapping tunes. Recognised as one of the West End’s best-selling musicals of the decade, Matilda the Musical has smashed records globally and will be performed in Sri Lanka for the first time from June 5 to 9 at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre, presented by Cinnamon Life, together with GWB Entertainment and the Royal Shakespeare Company, Matilda the Musical will deliver a wonderful night of theatre, music and unforgettable storytelling that the entire family will surely enjoy.

Captivating, joyous and brilliantly witty from start to finish, the production is packed with humour and driven by a narrative that is centered on Matilda, her vivid imagination, sharp mind and quest for a better life. Featuring the timeless tale of an extraordinary person who dares to stand up for herself, fight the oppressive forces in her life and rewrite her destiny once and for all, Matilda is the ultimate feel-good show that is bursting with dynamism and verve. Exploring themes of family, friendship, determination and sheer will power, this story will resonate deeply with audience’s young and old alike, tug at their heartstrings and take them on a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions, laughter, comedic interludes and inspiring moments. The performance perfectly encapsulates Roald Dahl’s gleeful story, combining the ingenious work of writer Dennis Kelly and the input of composer and lyricist Tim Minchin, to create a spectacular performance that is packed to the brim with surprises, fun, zest and wonder.

Featuring a talented international cast, Matilda the Musical has been hailed as one of the top ten theatre productions in the world. Not only has the show achieved best-selling status and sold out time and time again across all corners of the globe, it has also received tremendous critical acclaim and popularity.