Allow youth to lead the country, says MP Welgama | Sunday Observer

Allow youth to lead the country, says MP Welgama

21 April, 2019

Over-aged politicians should not be in the legislature any longer and they should allow educated and intelligent youth to take over the reins of governance for the betterment of the country, said SLFP heavyweight, MP Kumara Welgama.

“At present, the country is largely ruled by those who are over 65 and they have become a spent force. I am also in my late 60s. Youth with university degrees or similar high qualifications and a good social background should be given the opportunity to lead the country to reach high levels of development,” the SLFP stalwart told the Sunday Observer yesterday.

Welgama said the younger generation with academic distinction in the UNP, SLFP and SLPP should be in the vanguard. As long as the older generation is alive in politics, prospects for the younger generation to lead the country to success, is dim.

He said most Parliamentarians, even in their old age, yearn to continue in office. It is time to give pride of place to the youth for the good of the country.

These old politicians still continue in politics mainly due to greed for wealth and social status. This system needs to be abolished forthwith.

MP Welgama said that he is totally against authoritarian rule.

Commenting on the next Presidential candidate, the SLFP heavyweight said in his experience as a Parliamentarian, he believes that one who is not up to violence but tolerant of political criticism needs to be the Presidential candidate as the country is ready to enter a new era.

“The ideal Presidential candidate should be one who needs to don the garb of the man on the street - the cloth and banian,” he said.