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Sri Lanka neglects billiards despite a first World champ

Billiards and snooker are considered a non-spectator sport but it is also a poor man’s game.

People who play this game are those who want to spend their spare time hitting at coloured balls with a cue laid on a big table with a green blaze cloth.

However, the first world champion of Sri Lanka was a billiards player in MJM Lafir who emerged champion in this game that was held in Mumbai, India.

Thereafter, people began taking to this game in a big way and Sri Lanka was represented in many international tournaments with the hope of producing another world champion. But that was not to be so and thereafter the popularity of the game dropped.

Nevertheless, there are a few quality players in Sri Lanka who participate in local tournaments that are held mainly in Colombo.

Sometimes the tournaments are held in other cities too but not that often as it used to be.

The main reason for this is that the game is not supported well by the Sports Ministry.

An official of the controlling body said that the Sports Ministry is not generous enough to support the sport. Therefore the controlling body cannot conduct tournaments to keep the enthusiasm at a high among the few good players that are left.

If this is the case, how can Sri Lanka ever promote and encourage more people to take to the game. If players do not see any benefit coming by way of playing the game they will simply drop out and the game will suffer a natural death.

So wake up minister and support the game that can produce another world champion in the near future. Size and strength of a player does not play a big part to produce a champion. (TBR)