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Enkindle with faith

Inhuman act performed with deadened conscience;
Human lives are brutally snatched away in vengeance
While choirs of Angels singing Glory Alleluia,
The Easter people at Saints Sebastian, Anthony’s and Seyon for Gloria,
To acclaim to the Risen Lord on Easter Sunday,
Victims of violence they became on that victorious day.
Sri Lanka our pearly Island
Called City of Paradise Land

Weathered a decade of war;
Tsunami stricken and suffered to the core,
While surviving and reviving from disasters
What a tragedy of losing more than three hundreds
On Easter Sunday while worshipping with kith and kindred.
All our hearts melted with tearing eyes
For the Innocent Devotees becoming pries
To violence, power hunger and rivalry
Forgetting the Cruel death of Jesus at Calvary
“Father Forgive them,” Jesus pleaded
While hanging on the Cross for Perpetrators.
What about this planned affairs of bombing?
And bringing Innocent lives into ashes?
Enkindle with Faith they followed Christ
After forty days of Lent to meet the Risen Christ;
Even the Mother earth could not swallow
The headless, limbless, dead bodies Cemetery follow
The clouds started weeping with showers of rain.
Surely the Compassionate heart of Christ
Would have been touched with pain for Sri Lanka
As Mother of sorrows - Our lady of Lanka
Too wept for her citizens dedicated to her in sincerity
While the whole world condoled in solidarity,
Who will redeem us of this irony?
Let Heaven’s pearly gates be open.
Our humble plea to the Lord who reigns
To send His Angels to guard and protect from pains
To stop all perpetrators with clear conscience;
Put a full stop globally for vengeance, violence,
Bloodshed and brutal killings
And to grant us lasting Peace and harmony,
Coexistence as People of the Risen Christ!

-Sr. Fatimanayaki A.C