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Rise up brave lions

The aftermath of lions victory over tigers
A period of a peaceful decade
Lazy kindly lions freely roamed
In the pleasures of harmony
In the pleasures of freedom
The mighty elephants of power
Relaxing in the shade
Twisted their lazy heads
Opened their reckless eyes
To look at the abandoned boundaries
There was no harm to be seen
Just a few notorious acts of a group of jackals
There was no need to release
The imprisoned intelligent lions of the nation
They were weakened and put to a deep sleep
Suddenly an unexpected Explosion!
Elephants of power had ignored the warnings
Whose fault was it? They blamed each other
Agitated elephants call forth the lions of bravery
To save their country
From the group of blood thirsty sly jackals
Rise up brave lions!
The lions of bravery, the protectors of the nation

- Nilupulee C. Ranaweera