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Old Crocky

Father goat, mother goat and the two young ones were busy finishing some left overs of a Sangika Dana. They were dumped by a fairly wide shallow stream. At high tide, sea water flowed up stream. There was a lush vegetation of aquatic plants. It was an ideal bunting ground for the fourteen foot solitary crocodile that roamed the area.

The goat parents saw the scaly danger. “Quick children, let’s get out of this place,” said mother goat. Telling them to follow, they got on to the other side. Not the little ones. They were puzzled at the mother's anxiety. They stayed back. The crafty crocodile took in the scene. A succulent meal in the offing.

He did not want to tire himself. He waited for his meal to approach him. They saw the mighty crocodile basking. “Look!” said a tiny little one “Look! A big uncle is sleeping.” They approached him with caution. “It is very big, very scaly, no hair. The children's parents were watching helplessly. “Looks, uncle is crying. Shall we wipe away his tears.”

They began to lick his corrugated visage. “Don’t cry uncle, we are with you. No one will hurt you. Ah ha! You are hungry.” They brought some ripe papaws and pieces of pineapple. “Eat uncle, now you must eat all like a good uncle.” “My my, what a big mouth, long teeth. He looks a nice uncle.” Both licked the Crocky’s long snout. The crocodile heard all their childish talk.” What is happening? They are trying to make me a vegetarian. A piece of papaw. “How innocent.

They are like my own. Their parents must be crying. They know me. No, No, I cannot hurt them I want to be with them.” He opened his mouth wide. “Uncle is opening his mouth. My goodness, what a big mouth. He is hungry.

They quickly pushed all what they had brought in to uncles' mouth. The crocky uncle most patiently munched the pure vegetarian diet, with lots of affection and joy. The little ones had to literally put their tiny heads in to his mouth.

He was full. Happy “uncle, can you move your tail from side to side. as we do?” Old crocky flipped its tail. The two children started to jump from side to side of the tail. They cuddled up near the neck, and fell fast asleep. The goat father and mother were watching.

So were two officers from the army, who happened to be there on some official matter. They were speechless. Next the giant gently ferried the two little ones to the other side. To the embrace of the parents. He remained still. “Thank you, uncle, Bye, please meet our parents. Slowly the goat parents approached crocky. They joined their offspring in licking his face.

The Army officers watched. They walked up to him and saluted. Uncle wagged his tail. While one soldier was videoing, the other sat beside the giant and caressed his snout. They knew that their recording would go round the world.

One officer ran to the house where the alms giving was concluding. He shouted. “Come, all of you. The crocodile is with my friend. All ran towards the estuary. Some with guns clubs and thick ropes. They stopped. Were they dreaming? Their arch enemy, the ruthless monarch of the village and the stream was on land. Two tiny goats on him, parents by his side, a soldier caressing his head and snout.

The crocodile was wagging its tail. The owner of the goat family, Sediries Aiya was in tears. He too walked up to the giant. Suddenly Sediris Aiya’s ten-year-old daughter ran towards the father with some ripe bananas. The crocodile, flipped its tail. Opened its mouth.

Sediris directed the bunch to their friends’ mouth. It swallowed it. There was clapping and cheering. All were being videoed. The magnificent scaly specimen opened his mouth very wide. Wagged its tail and lay still. The fairy tale giant was dead. Just then the parish priest of the village church rushed in.

“Sumanatissa my brother don’t you think we have been blessed to be here today. People cried unashamedly. Even the ordained ones, two of the most enlightened and loving teachers were very much moved. Today is a sad day for all of us. Also a wondrous day in our lives. We have been blessed in untold measure to have been witness today of this miracle. “Amen said the Rev Fr. God Bless all”. They buried him. A plaque said -


Epilogue: The recording circled the globe. Heads of State and the common citizens of the world visited the site of the hero’s place of rest. Sediris Baas was financially assisted. The gallant officers were promoted. Decorations and citations. Many invitations from places of learning and animal lovers associations in the world. Sediris Baas and the soldiers built a large tank. In it were crocodiles. Happily with them were fish, prawns, ducks and teal. All were vegetarians. All, including the crocodiles.