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World Water Day


World Water Day is celebrated annually on March 22. This special occasion is an indication to create awareness on the importance of water and the current crisis the world is facing due to the shortage of water. This day alerts people all over the world to use water in properly.

This year World Water Day theme was ‘Leaving no one behind’. All of us drink water, use water and waste water. But we should remember that five million people drink contaminated water and as time goes by our global village will face a grave water crisis. Think of those people who are currently suffering due to lack of pure drinking water and save water as much as possible.

We all know that water is a gift of nature. Take the gift as much as you need and try to preserve it. World Water Day is organised by the UN to alert the people about the crisis we will face. This year in keeping with the theme, the day focuses more on getting people all over the world to drink pure water. It is our responsibility as humans to save water and conserve it for our future generations. Save our global village! Save the water resources.


Ibrahim Ifham,

Grade 11,

Hejaaz International School,

Mt. Lavinia.