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An Indian and a Japanese see the world through Haiku poems

I really don’t know how to write Haiku poems and didn’t care much for them until I read a book published by Authors PRESS in India in 2016. The book is titled Our Lovely Earth authored by Dr Sigma from India and Taro Aizu from Japan who connected themselves through the Internet to produce this amazing book.

Award winning Haiku writer in the USA, Ed Bremson has written the Foreword for this book. It is itself interesting to know how Lovely is our Earth. Referring to Dr Sigma’s effort, he says: “For the most part she attempted to adhere to the haiku principle of 17 syllables per Haiku, organized in three lines, with syllables arranged in a pattern of 5-7-5, on the first, second, and third lines. That is not easy to do. I think she’s done a great job and I applaud her. I learned things I did not know before”

Moving away from the Foreword, let us see what countries in the world they have both visited and describe their impressions. Taro Aizu has visited our blessed country and records the following:

Images of Buddha

Chiselled from gigantic rocks

… sacred passion

Apart from Lanka, he has been to Japan, Mongolia, Taiwan, Korea, Nepal, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iran, Israel, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Madagascar, Ghana, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Mediterranean, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Poland, Rumania, Albania, Macedonia, Hungary, Scandinavia, the U.K. Iceland, Russia, the Arctic, Canada, USA, Mexico, the Caribbean islands, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Easter Island, Tahiti, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and the Antarctic. Wow! Did he actually visit or is it his imagined description? I do not know.

Where had Dr Sigma gone? The array of her beloved countries is:

India, Afghanistan, Algeria, Guam, Bahrain, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, Greenland, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, Myanmar, Rwanda, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Tibet, Turkey, Zimbabwe, Puerto Rico, Dubai, Namibia, Mozambique, Togo, Jordan, Jamaica, Ireland, Gambia, Fiji, Finland, Dominica, the Ivory Coast, Cuba, Croatia, Costa Rica, Congo and Chile. Now let us see the selected countries’ specialties as seen by the outstanding poets. Let’s start from Dr. Sigma.

India: Land of great epics; Taj Mahal spreads love and peace; Amazing Kashmir.

Afghanistan: Snow capped Afghan; Land of beauty and sweet dreams; Now brutal fighting.

Bahrain: Thirty Persian isles; Lost Paradise of Dilmun; Pearls and precious forts.

Bangladesh: Sixty domed mosques; The Royal Bengal Tiger Unbroken beaches; Kuwait; Beach clubs, Scenic seas; Beautiful Kuwait towers; The house of mirrors.

Lebanon: Lebanese cuisine; Seven thousand old country;

Mauritius: Boris Cheri tea;

Crystal clear sea.

Norway: Rich place on earth; Most fascinating past;

Oman: Mariah Isle beach; Amazing Jebel Akhdar; Port of Samhuram

Qatar: Islamic art; Camel ride, sand dune racing; Golden mosque

Saudi Arabia: Vast desert; Mecca; Birthplace of Islam.

Seychelles: Silvery beaches;

Fabulous Eden garden.

Sweden: Paradise of the world; The land of the midnight sun.

Thailand: Gorgeous blue lagoons;

Night bazaar, Floating markets.

Tibet: Earth’s highest region;

Water tower of Asia.

Zimbabwe: Glorious country; Thunderous Victoria Falls;

Puerto Rico: World of Multi Isles; Eye-catching inland beauty.

Togo: Many ethnic groups; Slave trade and famous slave coast.

Fiji: Heaven of three hundred isles; Palm-fringed dreamy land.


Over to Taro Aizu

Nepal: A flock of crane; Floating over Himalaya.

The Philippines: Terraced rice fields; On the slopes of high mountains.

Vietnam: Under the large leaves;

Of flourishing palm trees.

Israel: Floating on the surface;

…the Dead Sea.

Egypt: Is ab eternal life;

… the pyramids.

Portugal: I dance with them;

After having goat cheese, red wine.

Switzerland: I could finally see the Alps;... a train window.

Russia: A white cub; … summer in the Arctic.

Peru: A hummingbird on the earth; an offering to the sun god.

Hawaii: A sunburned woman;

Dances a hula like a wave.

The Antarctic: Emperor penguins; Warm their eggs for two months; … waiting for their wives.

Some notes on Taro Aizu:

He is a world famous Japanese Haiku poet, . He writes in his language and also in English and French. He has written a few books and some are translated into other languages. He has won several awards in his career.

Dr Sigma is from India and a well-known poet, editor and academic. She has published several books of poetry.

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