Right of reply : Litro Gas MD refutes Sunday Observer story | Sunday Observer

Right of reply : Litro Gas MD refutes Sunday Observer story

Responding to an article published in the Sunday Observer on April 21 titled ‘Litro Gas in Turmoil: MD given marching orders’, Managing Director of Litro Gas Lanka Ltd Muditha Peiris in a letter to this newspaper said he was “disappointed that false articles of this nature are published in such a reputed newspaper without checking from the Company.”

“This article has brought disrepute not only to me, but the state owned enterprise Litro Gas Lanka Ltd,” the letter from Peiris’ said.

The letter claimed that the Board of Directors of Litro Gas Lanka had acted in accordance with the procurement process enforced by Audit Act of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka. The letter added that the company was prepared to provide the necessary documents to prove the legality of the procurement process. The last purchase of LP gas cylinders from Mauria Udyong Limited took place in March 2018, the letter said. The letter added that the company had procured gas cylinders following a “rigorous evaluation by an experienced committee of technical analysts.”

Reporter’s Note: The Sunday Observer’s report was based on speeches made by Government MPs in Parliament and extensive interviews with multiple sources, including Government officials tasked with overseeing the state owned enterprise. The Sunday Observer also reiterates that Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera has written to the board of directors of Litro Gas twice already, demanding their stepping down following a probe on irregularities in the company. We stand by our story.