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Amazing Sandalwood

Sandalwood has been prized and used for around 4,000 years. It is a class of woods from the trees belonging to the genus Santalum and also belongs to the same botanical family as the European mistletoe. An evergreen and hemi parasitic tree, the Sandalwood is fine grained and aromatic. The fragrance of the Sandalwood lasts for decades and therefore it is highly sought after for making boxes,fans,and figurines and similar in the world items. Sandalwood oil and powder are used for health and beauty benefits and is widely used in the cosmetic industry.

The Indian Sandalwood (Santalum album)and the Australian Sandalwood (Santalumspicatum) are very popular and much in demand.

Sandalwood is found in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Indonesia, Hawaii and other Pacific Islands.

Sandalwood is the second most expensive wood in the world after the African Blackwood.

Sandalwood is also used in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist, Chinese and Japanese religious rites among other religious practices.

Sandalwood plays an important part in Ayurveda medicine. Known in Sanskrit as Chandana, Indian Sandalwood is regarded as very sacred in Indian Ayurveda. It is used to worship Lord Shiva and there is a belief that Goddess Lakshmi dwells in a sandalwood tree.

Health and beauty benefits

Sandalwood powder has anti-bacterial properties and can be used to cure skin ailments and enhance the brightness of your skin.

When used with milk, turmeric and camphor sandalwood powder can be effective in the removal of warts and blemishes.

As it minimises damage by free radicals sandalwood powder can be effective in reducing signs of aging like wrinkles,sagging and dry skin and other signs of aging skin.

A combination of sandalwood powder, turmeric and milk used regularly will enhance the brightness of skin and make it truly glow.

The anti-bacterial properties of sandalwood are very useful in fighting acne. The application of a face mask of a tablespoonful of sandalwood powder and a teaspoon of milk for approximately 20 minutes will help to clear acne. Once the mask is removed the skin should be dabbed with rose water.

Sandalwood powder is good for the prevention and treatment of pimples when used with turmeric and milk. A paste of these ingredients should be applied to the face and this mask should be kept for 30 minutes and then washed off with cold water.

The medicinal properties of sandalwood and turmeric will help in preventing and treating pimples.

Sandalwood soothes and therefore can help in sunburn treatment when used with turmeric, milk or honey.

This combination of ingredients will also help remove suntan if you wish so .It is also effective in the treatment of prickly heat.

Sandalwood is an exfoliating agent. A mix of sandalwood powder, black chickpea and milk or rose water will be very effective to exfoliate the skin.

Sandalwood oil helps to maintain a glowing, clean and flawless skin. It is also used as a cure for skin infections and itchiness. It is also an anti-aging agent and has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Sandalwood is also a fragrant, organic deodorant.

Sandalwood oil is considered nontoxic and therefore is regarded as safe for use by children and adults.

This oil used with jojoba oil can bring sheen to your hair while a few drops of sandalwood oil in the water for your final hair rinse will condition your hair nicely. Sandalwood oil is also used for scalp massaging often with other oils.

A mixture of sandalwood oil, water, orange juice and honey will help tame frizzy hair