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Mind, emotions and religions: Many chapters of life

The book under review is an English translation of a book written in Sinhala by Deshabandhu Sirisumana Godage. The translator is Sunil Wijeysinhe. Published by S Godage & Bros (Pvt) Ltd. it is priced at Rs.350/- 64 pages-Six Chapters.

Excerpts from the Foreword by the author himself:

“Physical and verbal acts are capable of generating Karma only which falls into categories of meritorious and unmeritorious deeds. Such karmas performed by physical and verbal acts are guided by the mind. “As all acts performed by the mind fall into either wholesome or unwholesome categories, they generate wholesome and unwholesome forces respectively, at the end.” “All good mental acts like altruistic joy, kindness, compassion, faith, virtue and honesty promote good health and facial radiance. All bad mental acts such as anger, jealousy and hatred cause sickness, unhappiness, sorrow, stomach problems, anxiety, indigestion, facial discoloration, ferocious facial appearances, hypertension and mental retardation.”

“As time passes this blood contamination develops into more serious ailment like heart disease, arthritis, cancer and diabetes. In severe or extreme anger blood contamination enhances to a degree that causes shivering, heavy sweating, hypertension, facial discolouration and many other physical deformities. This can be vividly observed in those experiencing severe anger and hatred.”

Deshabandhu Sirisumana Godage continues in his Foreword:

“Buddhism is a philosophy that develops wisdom. But all cannot practice the Dhamma to the fullest degree.”

“Happiness doesn’t come merely through the possession of wealth, other physical resources such as vehicle, business and buildings. Further accumulation of such physical assets never leads to one’s full satisfaction. Upon realizing this fact, one gets inclined to search for true happiness. People come in search of the Four Noble Truths (suffering, its cause, its elimination and the path to its elimination) upon realizing the fact that accumulations of physical assets will never lead to true happiness.”

The writer has clearly explained what he wanted to say in the six chapters.

As Saivaite (Hindu), I was interested in reading his final chapter intensely which was on Hinduism.

He says the history of Hinduism dates back to more than 50,000 years.

“The principal wish or the prime motive of the Hindus is union with all the pure and highest soul of the Brahma.”

As we all know the Hindus believe Brahma is the creator of Beings; and Vishnu, the protector of the world. Some believe the Buddha is an incarnation of God Vishnu. Lord Shiva is the destroyer of the Evil forces.

The Hindus in Sri Lanka and South India are mainly Saivites. They say:

“Then Naadudauya Sivanae En Naaddukum Iraiva Porri” meaning that Siva that belongs to the South is also the God for everyone and Anbe Sivam meaning Love is Siva.

The writer says, “physical and mental development can be achieved by practising the Hindu Yogic exercises” and adds, “Prince Siddhartha was originally a Hindu. After learning all doctrines, yogic and meditation techniques in Hinduism he realized that he could not discover the path to liberation from suffering. Ultimately, he discovered the path he sought through his own efforts.”

The writer also says, “most offerings and rituals performed by Hindus are performed by Buddhists. Thus, they too have faith in Hindu Gods and devotion to them.”

Chapter one is on the three doors: Mind, Body and Speech. The next are on Mind in detail elucidated. The 4th chapter speaks about the stages of life: early stage- birth to age 40; Adulthood-years 41 to 60; and old age -years 61 to 100.

Chapters 5 and 6 are on Christianity / Catholicism, and Islam.

Thus, we see this book is ideal to read, digest and practice for all of us.

Deshbhandu Sirisumna Godage is not merely a great publisher of books in three languages but also a faithful practitioner of what he believes. I pray he lives long and in good health.

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