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Getting rich through mind engineering - Part 2

In the last article, we discussed that a great part of mind engineering consisted of imagination. Imagination is one step ahead of positive thinking. In imagination, one doesn’t merely think of hope like in positive thinking, but it creates the atmosphere as if it had happened, which sends a strong signal to the subconscious mind. Based on the created stimulation, the subconscious mind releases new potential which will work with the conscious mind and help it to translate this depiction into reality.

You are born to win. You are born to experience radiant health, happiness, peace of mind, confidence and financial success. You are not born to experience lifelong sickness, fear, anxiety, loneliness, poverty or failure.

As you grow in years, so should you progress mentally, spiritually and materially. To be in the constant state of growth is the law of life. Mind engineering cuts short the process and produces results dynamically.

Why does one person fail and another succeed?

The reason one person succeeds and another fails is because the successful man knows the reason for his existence and uses his creative imagination positively to create and control his destiny.

The failure-type person struggles through life unaware of his true purpose on earth and fails to use creative imagination in a constructive manner to reach his destiny.

Imagining, the forming of mental pictures or images, of your destiny will make you precisely like that over time. Based on the principles, it has found that there is a deep tendency in the human mind to create a real-life situation in the settings of the sub conscious mind.

An image or a situation formed and held tenaciously in the subconscious mind reproduces the same in real life at a future date.

A long-held visualisation of an objective or goal can become determinative. It sculpts the imagination into reality. The imagination brings astonishing changes in the life of the person who practises this philosophy.

Stimulate your mind

People react to some situations very positively. These situations could take place through five stations. These could be categorised as visual (what is seen), auditory (what is heard), kinesthetic (what is physically sensed relating to emotional feelings), olfactory (what is smelt) and gustatory (what is tasted). In mind engineering, to achieve a certain result, you can use one of them or a few of them at any given time.

Visualisation - Are you planning to be a CEO one day? Picturise it and hold on to it over a period of time. Select a few convenient spells a day. Close your eyes and picturise yourself as a CEO. How you get out of the car as you enter the office. How security guards open doors for you. How your Personal Assistant greets you. How you conduct meetings. How you are being invited to represent your company. How you make profits. How you are being recognised by your board. How you make your overseas trips.

Auditory – The above could be stimulated greatly by adding some music to the process. Remember those golden oldies which really makes us young or slip back to those sweet memories of yesteryear. You would have noticed these songs or tempos make us strong. So, why not add some music to the process if you have the luxury of doing so.

Kinesthetic – The touch of some fabric materials such as satin and velvet give us a classy feeling. If your system is used to them, use them to give that extra mile to the process. Hugged by a person you admire or love can bring astonishing results during the process.

Olfactory – Some scents make us strong, happy, and put us in the correct mood. They also take you down the memory lane. Think of a situation where you felt very strong and astonished. There would have been a perfume associated with that moment. If so, use that to stimulate the process further.

Gustatory – Some tastes too makes us happy and amazing. Taste them during the process. I feel relaxed and amazed when I drink water boiled using firewood. The taste of smoke mixed in water gives me that sensation.

When you practise these mind stimulation processes over time, it starts sending messages to your subconscious mind. Not being able to identify the real situation and the fake situation it starts to react differently. This set-up brings astonishing changes in the life of the person who practises this philosophy.

Imagination is around us at every moment of our lives. From the day we are born we are exposed to this process. If a parent is a Doctor, CEO or an Engineer, he wants his child to be the same. This imagination has a great impact on the child’s future. It influences the child’s destiny.

The best lesson of mind engineering I experienced from my youngest son about a year ago. He was playing rugby for a leading school from his childhood. However, as he was about to enter the first XV (senior side), he sustained an injury to his back. This injury kept him out the game for almost two years. Before the injury, he used to fire place-kicks from a distance around 40 metres from all angles at the goal. Soon after his recovery, he asked me to join him in a practice season. I was not very keen because none of us wanted him to play contact rugby again.

However, he convinced me and I joined him at the grounds to witness his first practice season after recovery. To my surprise, he kicked six successful kicks at the goal from a distance of 45 metres. The most amazing part is, he kicked three kicks using his right foot and remaining three kicks using his left foot.

Before the injury, he never used his left leg for his kicks. I asked him how he has done it. He said it was all in his mind. Every day he imagined himself kicking those kicks from both his legs over the goal post. Physically, he did stretching but not kicking during the period of his injury.

Unbelievable stuff to most. But this was how mind engineering has worked for him. It had been sending that strong signal to the subconscious mind over a period of time and the subconscious mind reacted to the situation stimulating physical skills and the strength of his body.

Blending imagination with efforts, skills and determination will speed up the process and give desired results quickly. For example, if you want to get out of debts, following steps will speed up the process.

Don’t panic - Fear not only paralyses the will, it in some mysterious way scares away the money. This may be due to the fact that disturb minds don’t generate creativity. So don’t panic. Be steady and hopeful.

Get re-organised – Figure out your income and expenditure. If you can’t increase the income, reduce your expenditure.

Apply financial discipline – Give up on all your credit cards and credit. Don’t touch them until you settle your debts.

Think – Look inside your head for creative ideas. Look for possible sources of income. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Hence, it can be a blessing in disguise. You might find a cash-cow during your bad days. Relax and think it over.

Visualise – Finally, visualise yourself as debt free. Imagine that you have paid your last debt payment. You don’t get any reminders from any financial institution. You enjoy access cash that is going to be with you as there are no monthly instalments to pay. Visualise yourself as a debt free individual who is living a quality life.

I trust you have got some idea of mind engineering. At the beginning I said engineers construct something which was not in existence previously by using the given raw materials to look it more result oriented and attractive. They first imagine their end product and accordingly they plan out. The same process applies here. We focus our mind on an imagined destination or product. A dedicated application of the process will generate desired results.