Leonardo da Vinci: 500th death anniversary | Sunday Observer

Leonardo da Vinci: 500th death anniversary

You were the icon of the Renaissance
In the Age of the efflorescence of
Arts, Science and Humanities
lived a life with an unquenchable thirst
for knowledge and wisdom
multi-splendoured, multi-skilled personality
Never got exhausted with learning
self-taught most.
Your mind was larger than the sky
Observation and
‘Curiosita’ was your forte for inspiration
You released the power of human versatility
Millions of men and women
adore the sweet mystical smile
of your Mona Lisa - a treat and a feast to the eyes
and super religious last supper
Geniuses of your genre
Are needed to be role models today
to flower greatly in intelligence
and enrich our Good earth
by inventions and innovations. 

- C. Kariyawasam