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Letter: Sri Lanka Cricket should not impose religion

Will Sri Lanka Cricket tell the country the thinking behind or the purpose of giving the team a “religious send-off” as has been taking place in recent times.

Religion no doubt is the best thing for humans, but in Sri Lanka it has been institutionalized by those who use it as a facade to hide behind and cricket administrators are doing the same to show the country that they promote pious conduct on their part.

Early this week the Sri Lanka team that left for the World Cup was given yet another “religious send-off” and the players were shown holding a long line of thread with their hands joined. If this is a religious ritual it is then being imposed on players of other religions which is not fair. Some players are forced to join in against their conscience.

A couple a years ago the then Sri Lanka Cricket president Thilanga Sumathipala instructed that the entire team including non-Buddhists go to the Dalada Maligawa and worship. Where in the world do you find people following two religions. If that is the case then it is not religion but sacrilege as all religions have differences in Belief and Doctrine.

It is highly absurd to impose a particular religion on those who have no connection or don’t follow it. Religion is personal and the players if they are religious do not need to gather at Sri Lanka Cricket offices (where there are allegations of corruption taking place) to profess their Faith. Before leaving on a tour they can do it in their homes or respective places of worship.

What Sri Lanka Cricket does is only make a mockery of religion. If Sri Lanka Cricket is a responsible organisation then they should prove it by respecting the wishes of everyone when it comes to religious activities. If they cannot, then have a separate one for Christians, another for Muslims and another for Hindus. If this is not possible or does not sound comprehensive, then keep religion out of sport completely and leave it to the players to profess their respective religions the way they wish or is appropriate for them and not the way Sri Lanka Cricket wants.

A Cricket Fan