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The Avengers, never to be forgotten

Almost all of us are thinking about one common film Avengers, Endgame. It is supposed to be one of the last 'Marvel' studio productions. It has earned a record profit for the first day of release and has gained great popularity. Many of us are Marvel fans. From Captain America to the most recent, Captain Marvel, the movie Avengers has inspired many and won millions of hearts. Had not it been for Mr. Stan Lee, the first person to create the characters, Avengers would not have existed among us. It is sad that he passed away recently. Another sad fact is that with the release of Avengers Endgame, Marvel productions came to a standstill. Although Mr. Stan Lee is not with us any longer, I assure you that the popularity of Avengers movies will not end. Iron Man, Spider Man, Ant Man, Thor and the rest of the heroes, including Mr. Stan Lee will never be forgotten.


Lihini Wijesekara,

Grade 9,

Lyceum Internationhal School,