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Equality and unity

Equality and unity are two simple words that convey a beautiful message. The true meaning of equality is knowing that all of us are living beings and we all have feelings. As children, we should all respect each other because no one likes being offended or looked down on. We should spread compassion, to everyone we meet everyday!

When the power of equality is thriving in our diverse society, unity is created. Imagine how beautiful life would be if there are no arguments. Imagine how beautiful society would be if we all support each other. In any problem, we’ll have true friends who will help us out.

We must love ourselves and each other. We are all different, but we are all beautiful in our own way. So, let’s unite! We are the future. As children, we should be good, compassionate citizens. When we grow buds of equality and unity in our hearts and be compassionate to each other, we can become very peaceful children!


D.M. Jithmini Benara,

Grade 8,

Sri Rahula College,